10 latest trends in newborn photography

January 25, 2024
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Newborn photography is a delicate art form that takes place within the first couple of weeks of the baby being born. An artistic newborn photographer will take into cognizance the baby’s gestures, special birthmarks, angelic expressions, and various cute but safe ways the baby can pose in.

While a wide aperture delivers an excellent depth of the field, a narrower aperture is great for including details in the environment. Regardless of whether you choose a studio photoshoot where you can employ newborn photography props or a more natural, lifestyle setting, the common denominator in creative newborn photography is this – perfect timing meets those fleeting precious moments.

So here is an in-depth look at some of the latest trends in stylish newborn photography that will help you capture gorgeous images with a timelessness that endures.


Though most mums might not feel and look their best when in a hospital, capturing those very first precious moments of a mother with her bundle of joy is unquestionably priceless. For professional photographers who get invited to the hospital for a newborn photoshoot, ensure you capture breastfeeding and other beautiful bonding moments of mum and baby. Remember that they truly make for exquisite portraits.

At Sid Photography we take very special consideration in creating these delicate images on first day.


It doesn't matter if you capture dads bottle-feeding their babies or endearing poses that involve skin-to-skin contact. Even an adorable image of the father reading to his newborn qualifies as a great keepsake.

I myself being a father understands the emotion goes into these special pictures with daddy and captures them as beautifully as possible.


Often the simplest images are the most beautiful. So big brothers and sisters holding their swaddled siblings, giving them a delicate kiss or simply gazing adoringly at their kin, is undoubtedly bound to pull at anyone's heartstrings.


As an extremely versatile pose, the tummy pose allows a kid’s photographer to capture several different angles and adorable variations. While babies are stronger than we think they are, one has to exercise a lot of caution when handling the baby’s head and neck. If the little mite tries to flex its head or neck, give him or her the time to relax before placing them in a comfortable position.

Ø    Side Portrait – After adjusting the baby's hands under his or her chin, capture the cherubic cuteness from a side angle.

Ø    Top Portrait – While the baby is in the same pose, adjust the camera angle and shoot a top-down shot of the baby's body. This stylish newborn photography trend is an excellent way to capture the tiny mite’s body shape. Plus, a reflector isn’t required and you’ll be in a position where the reflector was during the side portrait mentioned above.


There are a host of newborn photography props you can employ to make the images look even more charming.  Whether the baby is swaddled in a cotton blanket or laid bare in a Christmas gift basket, an Easter hamper or even a pumpkin container, these images make for gorgeous baby portraits.

At Sidpix we believe in making these portraits truly Uber Adorable


Artistic newborn photography is all about capturing those delicate features so that they can be preserved for posterity. These could be the baby’s teensy toes and fingers or the button nose and big beautiful eyes. By going macro and employing the most effective newborn photoshoot lighting, you can capture the tiniest details in all their cute glory, whether you take a few close-ups or full-body shots.


As one of the most difficult newborn poses to capture on camera, the elbow-out pose is tough to master. Gently position the baby's hands in front of its face. Next, gradually lift the baby's chin onto its hands so that the cheeks don't get squashed too much. Then slowly place the baby's elbows in a triangular position, adjust the cushioning all round to ensure the infant is as comfortable as possible and click away.


Unquestionably one of the most stylish newborn photography trends that never go out of fashion, the frog pose is similar to the elbow pose. While the baby's chin is still placed gently in its hands, the difference here is that the elbows are placed together. As with any newborn pose, the baby's comfort and safety is paramount.


It's essential to keep the shooting area warm and snuggly for the infant at all times. If you don't have a quartz infrared space heater in your newborn studio, any small heater will do or simply increase the thermostat setting. Since newborns don't smile consciously, the more comfortable the little model is, the higher the chance of capturing a fleeting smile when it does appear.


These are probably some of the easiest images you will take because newborns spend so much of the day sleeping, those angelic yawns are never hard to come by. Additionally, you don't require props of any kind, and you can capture the infant yawning swaddled or bare; it really doesn't matter. The end result will be just as adorable.

A successful session is an amalgamation of a beautiful gallery, efficient newborn photoshoot lighting, a relaxed experience for the parents, and more importantly, a soothing, warm, and safe environment for their baby. When you have all these factors working in sync coupled with creative newborn photography props and great baby photoshop retouching solutions, you will be able to capture stunning images that families can cherish for a lifetime.

Let us know what do you think about these trends and if any you know about to share with us.