Maternity Photoshoot: 10 Must-Know Tips

January 25, 2024
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Pregnancy is an exciting journey filled with joyous anticipation of welcoming your precious little one. Every moment of the adventure is special for both the mother and the baby, so the best way to capture these moments is through stunning maternity photographs.

While scheduling a maternity photoshoot sounds simple, many pregnant women are confused and unsure about the location, pose, clothing, and the overall look of the photos. While hiring an experienced and trusted maternity photographer is the best way to overcome these concerns, some tips on what to look out for before booking the shoot will help.

Here are the ten things to keep in mind before you book your maternity photoshoot:


Perhaps you already have some notions regarding your pose and style of the photos.  A great way to get some inspiration and more ideas is to browse Pinterest, Instagram, and other portals that are devoted to maternal photography. If you do find some styles and poses that you like, save them so that you can discuss the same with your maternity photographer.

A professional maternity photographer that you hire will also have a collection of photographs that can help you decide on the style and pose. Sidpix portfolio of Maternity photographs is full of ideas and creativity which can be accessed here.


A most frequently asked question relates to the timing of the photoshoot. Many expecting mothers are confused about when to schedule the photoshoot. Planning it too early when the bump is small may not be ideal. On the other hand, doing the session in the third trimester when you are likely to feel bulky and uncomfortable is also not the right approach.

Most professional maternity photographers recommend scheduling the photoshoot between 32 and 38 weeks of pregnancy when the bump is beautiful and looks great on the photos.


While there are endless options when it comes to the location for the photoshoot, it is crucial to choose a place that you are comfortable with. An outdoor location provides a stunning backdrop with the natural beauty of the landscapes, but you might feel uncomfortable if there are too many people around.

A maternity photoshoot at your own home may give a more intimate and personal touch to the photos. But indoor sessions could possibly lack the vibrancy of the great outdoors.

An experienced photographer will definitely have a repertoire of locations, both indoor and outdoor that may be aligned with your interests.


Whether your maternity photographer came up with some great suggestions or you have a fair idea of where the sites should be, the next step is to actually scout and finalize a location.

Once you have determined that the session is going to be in an outdoor setting, visit a few spots in your locality. It may also be a good idea to take a few pictures in that location. This will help you visualize how the photos might look. On top of this, you can also show them to your photographer to help them prepare for the shoot.

Sidpix photographers scout the location way in advance to help our maternity clients not only save time of looking at the location and finding good spots but also by providing a great customer service to delivery quality pictures.


Looking at a few maternity photos online may have given you some ideas about the clothes you should wear. But it is important to choose comfortable garments that accentuate the bump.

The kind of clothes you choose may also depend on the weather, location, and time of the shoot. Whatever you pick, make sure you plan ahead and get them ready much before the photoshoot.


Visiting the outdoor location will help you decide if the ambient lighting is adequate. If the shoot is going to be indoors, choose a spot in your home that has plenty of natural light. Your maternity photographer will ensure the outdoor shoot is done when the natural light is perfect while deciding if additional lighting is necessary for the indoor shoot.


The expert maternity photographer that you hire is the best person to guide you on the poses. If you have specific poses in mind, you can discuss the same with your photographer so that they can prepare for the same or make modifications if necessary.


The success of your maternity photoshoot depends on the expertise of your photographer. Hiring a thorough specialist is critical to ensure you get the best results. Do your research online and offline, read testimonials and reviews, and ask for references from others who've had their maternity photoshoots done by the photographer.

Visit the photographer and talk to them before hiring them. A photographer who can lighten up your mood and help you relax during the photoshoot is a definite plus!


Once you have finalized your maternity photographer, discuss your concerns and expectations with them. Talk about your expectations and whether you would like some edits or retouches after processing and what you are not comfortable with.

An experienced maternity photographer has a lot to offer in terms of suggestions and ideas. So it is preferable to get their opinion on the outfit, lighting, location, and timing of the shoot. They can also help you think about and prepare for certain things that may not have crossed your mind.


There might be some particulars that you aren't comfortable, such as the location, certain poses, or specific types of clothing. In such cases, you should let the photographer know well in advance.

So, what do you think about our 10 tips, do let us know in comments section below.