10 Newborn Photoshoot Tips for Parents

January 25, 2024
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Having A Baby Is Unquestionably An Amazing, Life-ChangingExperience. And Those Precious Moments Shared With Your Newborn Will Fly By InThe Blink Of An Eye. This Is Why A Professional Newborn Photoshoot Is A GreatWay To Capture Beautiful Memories That Can Be Cherished For A Lifetime And LastFor Posterity.  

So here are the most important factors you need to take into cognizance before booking your photoshoot.

1. Does the photographer have the necessary certification?

An essential aspect of your photoshoot is ensuring that the newborn photographer knows how delicate babies are and the various poses for maximum comfort. It's vital to your baby's safety that the photographer of your choice is trained, certified, and highly-experienced in this specialized field of creative newborn photography.

2. Determine your budget

While it's definitely tempting to go with a photographer who offers an unbelievable pricing package, you must take into consideration the type of quality images you’re looking for.

Usually, specialists in stylish newborn photography have perfected their skills overtime and the prices they charge are indicative of their expertise. So inquire about the pricing structure, what it includes, the number of images, framed prints or canvases with digital copies, to get an idea of how well your money will be spent.

3. Your photographer’s experience matters

While it's important to select a professional photographer, ensure you select one who is skilled in newborn photography.  Take a look at their portfolios to ensure they have the requisite skill and extensive expertise in capturing newborn images. The more experience your photographer has, the better the quality of the portraits, and the more peace of mind you'll have knowing that your baby is in good hands.

4. What is the style of the shoot?

All photographers have a definitive style that is unique to their work. Usually, newborn photos are classified into two categories – lifestyle or posed images.

The former pertains to capturing natural, more candid moments at home, in the garden, or in any environment you're comfortable in. The latter usually involves taking your baby for a studio photoshoot where newborn photoshoot lighting and newborn photography props deliver those perfect, artsy shots. Choose an option that you will be most comfortable with.

5. What are the types of images you desire?

The length of the shoot typically depends on the type and number of images you desire. So before speaking to an artistic newborn photographer, figure out if you prefer dramatically different pictures of your baby in special poses or if similar poses will do.

Then enquire about whether the photographer’s services extend to exactly what you’re keen on. More often than not, the more images provided, the less the uniqueness of each image.

6. It's important to set expectations

Besides unique baby poses requiring special training in safe ways to pose newborns, they also involve great photo-editing expertise as well.

So it doesn't matter if you want your baby's framed picture to add to your collection at home or if you're on the lookout for a birth announcement design. Even if you wish to include certain props in the shoot, speak with your creative newborn photographer about any specifics you require to reduce the risk of errors and disappoints further down the line.

7. Select your infant’s outfit in advance

If you have a clear notion of what your baby should wear for the shoot, ensure you keep the outfit ready before your baby comes along.

In addition to avoiding any last-minute running around, it will also help you free up more time to spend with your baby once he or she arrives. If you can't decide on any specific outfit/s, fret not. Remember that your tiny mite will look just as cute simply swaddled in a blanket as well.

8. Consider who you want to include in the images

While a majority of the pictures will be of your baby alone, it's ideal to have at least your immediate family in some of the images.

From your children to your parents, deciding on who to include and informing them of the photoshoot, makes it easier to ensure they are available around your intended photoshoot date.

9. Book your shoot before baby arrives

The arrival of your little bundle of joy will no doubt be a hectic time for you.That said, the best time for a newborn photoshoot is anywhere from when your baby is 5 to 10 days young.

Regardless of whether you have the time or inclination to research for the best newborn photographer and book a date after your baby is born, the most sought after professionals typically have their dates blocked way in advance.  So it's essential that you scout around for and establish communication with your photographer of choice before your scheduled due date so that she/ he can remain flexible around that time.

10. Enquire about the cancellation policy and turnaround time

If you aren't able to make the scheduled appointment for whatever reason, enquire in advance about the photographer’s cancellation policy to ensure you aren't taken unawares.

Parents are always keen on sharing images of their newborns with family and friends. So ask your newborn photographer how long will it be before you receive your set.Photographers experienced in creating beautiful newborn images usually deliver great results in record time so that the proud parents can share them with one and all.

Do let us know what you think about our checklist for booking a newborn’s photographer in the comments below.