Affordable Wedding Themes for Any Style in 2023 and 2024

January 25, 2024
Wedding Photography Styles
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Affordable Wedding Themes for Any Style in 2023 and 2024

Want to create a wedding like no other? Looking for inspiration early is the key to planning a wedding that your family and friends will talk about for years to come. Early planning gives you time to discover outstanding wedding vendors and book them before their diaries become overly full.

But without a great idea, it’s hard to start planning anything. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled some of our creative, stylish, and artistic wedding themes. Don’t be afraid to copy them or use elements of them in your plans. Or, if you’re feeling truly creative, just let your imagination flow!

11 Inspired Wedding Themes for 2023 and 2024

1. Whimsical Themes

Whimsical weddings are full of little playful details that are fun, and amusing, and combine in often unexpected arrangements. Nothing about these weddings looks and feels too serious on the surface, but that air of ease and playfulness requires a lot of preparation and an eye for detail. If you’re thinking about a fairytale wedding, chances are you’ll be choosing a whimsical theme.

As wedding photographers and videographers, we love those details. Bright splashes of color quickly create focal points, and indulgent floral arrangements not only invite your guests to comment, but they’re excellent backdrops for your images.

Whimsical wedding gowns are perfect to highlight soft, feminine silhouettes. Think ballgowns that don’t compromise on glamor or retro dresses. One of the beautiful things about this theme is its flexibility. There are no rules to what constitutes whimsical, so you can get as creative as you like.

2. Modern Minimalist Themes

Think of modern, minimalist themes as the opposite of anything whimsical. Less is more should be your guiding principle if you’re choosing this theme.

To pull it off, you’re going to look for a sleek venue with straight lines and perhaps large glass windows. Modern, minimalist-themed weddings work very well in modern buildings, especially those highlighting outstanding architecture.

Table decorations and flower arrangements will reflect the approach. Rather than large bouquets, you may want to choose one single, stunning flower.

Continue your commitment to a modern theme in your attire. Look for wedding dresses that have a simple, sleek silhouette and are not overloaded with playful details. Choose a similar style for your bridesmaids, too.

Try to focus on neutral colors, especially for bridesmaids and groomsmen, and let your love for each other and your venue take center stage.

3. Romantic

No doubt there is something inherently romantic about getting married and promising another person to share the rest of your life. So, why not reflect your love for each other in your wedding theme? Romantic wedding themes are among the most timeless, while others may feel dated in a few years.

Almost every venue can turn into a truly romantic setting with the right decorations, but it helps if you choose a location that features things like chandeliers indoors or a walled garden outdoors. Add hanging lights and fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere and avoid anything too bright. Candlelight is a great choice for a romantic wedding, too.

Soft colors like pastels work well with this theme, and fabrics like organza, voile, and tulle complement a romantic wedding even further. If you love playful flower arrangements, you’ll love a romantic wedding theme. Think about bouquets made of roses and peonies, and don’t be afraid to choose shades of pink and red.

You can even carry your romantic theme into your wedding food. Why not opt for a heart-shaped cake or choose a multi-tied wedding cake decorated with hearts? There are so many options to play with when you’re picking this theme. It also offers endless photographic and videographic inspiration!

4. Vintage Glamor

Are you a fan of old Hollywood movies? We are, and we think that opting for a vintage glamor wedding theme could be one of the best decisions you make as a couple. There is a timelessness about anything vintage that elevates every aspect of your wedding.

From a wedding photographer and videographer’s perspective, vintage glamor is simply a feast for the eyes. Your images and videos from the day will reflect this theme beautifully.

So, how can you inject a touch of old Hollywood into your wedding? Start by finding a venue with a history. When you research potential locations, look out for those that were built at least a few decades if not a hundred years ago. You can also look for references to celebrities and be inspired by their style.

Once you’ve selected a venue, think about your decorations. With a vintage glamor theme, you want your décor to give a nod to the period you’re trying to recreate. Look for vintage-inspired table decorations, flower arrangements, and other elements to bring your theme to life.

5. Regency

Have you heard of the Regency style? Perhaps not. In that case, maybe you caught a few episodes of the Netflix show ‘Bridgerton?’ Much of the fashion, interiors, and customs you see on the show reflect the British Regency period which lasted from the late 18th to the early 19th century.

If you’ve never seen the show, here’s what you’re looking for. Planning a Regency wedding starts with finding a palatial setting and furnishing it lavishly. There is nothing minimalist or subtle about a Regency wedding.

Instead, it has all the bells and whistles, including extravagant flower arrangements, and indulgent food. What should the happy couple wear? For the bride the choice is almost simple: no wedding gown is too big for a Regency wedding. Princess gowns are perfect in this setting.

As photographers, we love the lavishness of a Regency wedding, and our hardest job is to find the highlights among all the extravagance of the event. But don’t worry, with experience and an eye for detail, we’ll make sure your wedding images are just as lavish as your wedding itself.

6. Desert

Have you considered a desert chic theme? It may not be the first thing to come to mind, but choosing this theme makes the most of a hot Texan summer wedding. Rather than fighting the heat all day, try embracing it.

So, what would a desert theme look like? Imagine an earthy aesthetic with a touch of glamor and elevated bohemian elements strewn in. Think stylish desert plants, such as succulents with outstanding flowers.

Work with your creatives to turn your venue into an oasis where you and your guests can enjoy a day of bohemian indulgence, with outstanding service delivered in a relaxed setting. Like other Bohemian-influenced themes, a desert-style wedding allows you to indulge your guests without losing that laid-back vibe.

We love these themes for the unique visual opportunities they offer our team. If you think a desert-themed wedding might suit you but aren’t sure how to get started, get in touch.

7. Casual

Not a fan of big, exuberant weddings? Then choose a casual theme. Why shouldn’t your guests arrive in jeans? And there’s nothing wrong with a well-cooked BBQ for your wedding meal if that’s what you love most. Remember, this is your big day! Your family and friends are there to celebrate you, and they’ll be happy to have a ball in whichever way you like best.

So, how casual can a casual wedding be? Think about hosting a party in your backyard. What would it take to make this one the party of the year? Casual doesn’t mean careless. Checked cloth table covers, stunning but simple flower arrangements, and simple but comfortable seating are just a few of the elements.

We already mentioned BBQ food, and you could also opt for a picnic-style meal. The goal is to create a happy, friendly atmosphere that encourages your guests to make new connections and perhaps life-long friends.

When it comes to your wedding imagery, we suggest a candid approach to align with the simplicity and lack of formality of this wedding theme. It’s all about capturing natural interaction, laughter, and love.

This is a great theme for a summer wedding anywhere else in the U.S. Thanks to warm, dry Texan weather, you can easily plan casual weddings for most of the year.

8. Eco-friendly or Natural Weddings

Sustainability has been one of the biggest trends of the past few years. Whether you are thinking about businesses reassessing their use of resources and procedures or individual people taking a long look at their lifestyle – adopting more eco-friendly ways is becoming ever more popular.

If you’re concerned about climate change and other environmental issues, it’s easier than you think to apply your principles to your wedding without compromising on style and fun!

Start by choosing a venue with great eco credentials. When you visit a potential wedding venue, ask about policies on the likes of recycling, sourcing products locally, and reducing the location’s overall carbon footprint. If you’d like to take your commitment one step further, why not opt for a wedding that’s entirely held in nature? It will take a little more organizing, but you’ll be creating something truly unique.

Next, select environmentally friendly wedding invites. You’ll find great designs on recycled paper if you’d like to create a keepsake, or you could opt to send digital invites only to your guests. No wedding would be complete without a delicious meal. Talk to your venue or your caterers about local sourcing and opt for organic food wherever possible. It’s just as delicious if not more so than the alternative!

9. Preppy

How about a preppy wedding theme? Think casually neat and understated, classic without being overly traditional. Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren are great examples of designers who have perfected the preppy look over decades.

What would a preppy wedding look like? First of all, you’d be looking for a venue that combines a degree of formality and class with a touch of playfulness. Think cheerful flowers, bold patterns, and large bows all creating a memorable look without becoming overly whimsical or indulgent.

Preppy wedding dresses often feature classic lines and simple designs that can stand the test of time. To follow along with your theme, we develop a similarly timeless look for your wedding pictures and videos. They’re the kind of pictures that future generations will still marvel at, wanting to emulate your style.

10. Cottagecore

The Cottagecore aesthetic celebrates an idealized and often somewhat old-fashioned, rural lifestyle. It’s a fairly recent trend, having become more popular over the past decade or so, with the name coined on Tumblr as recently as 2018.

A Cottagecore wedding celebrates simplicity and a slow-living lifestyle. It may not be rustic, but at the same time, it’s not as overtly playful as a garden party theme. Think pairing rustic furniture with your grandma’s china.

Choosing a Cottagecore theme for your wedding works well if you’re planning most of the day outdoors. Locally sourced food works best with your wedding theme, and perhaps you can even secure your Mom’s wedding dress. As long as it fits the idea of simplicity that permeates the Cottagecore lifestyle, you’ll be the center of attention for sure.

11. Garden Wedding

Last but not least on our list is a garden-themed wedding. Living in Texas, we are blessed with almost perfect weather all year round, making garden weddings a possibility for countless couples.

Why choose this theme? It’s ideal for smaller, more intimate ceremonies and gatherings. Making a garden-party wedding memorable means focusing on fresh flowers, surrounding yourself and your guests with lush greenery, and decorating your location elegantly. A garden-party-themed wedding doesn’t necessarily need to be casual.

With the right team of wedding creatives, you can create a stunning garden-party theme by focusing on seasonal flowers and pairing them with scented candles and other decorations that turn your wedding day into a life-long memory.

Which Theme Will You Choose?

Remember, there are no wrong choices here, and our team at Sidpix Studios would love to create outstanding images for you no matter which theme you choose. Want to know more? Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation free consultation today, and don’t miss out on our limited-time offer of 10% off online bookings.

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