Expert Wedding Photography Tips Straight from the Lens

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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Have you thought about wedding photography? Of course, you have, and if you’re at all like the brides we have met so far, you’ll already have a good idea of the kind of images you’re looking for. But what if we could add a few trade secrets and behind-the-scenes wedding photography and videography tips straight from the lens?

Think of it as a bonus of hiring a professional wedding photographer in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

1. Create a Mood Board and Share it with Your Photographer

Let’s start with the toughest part of wedding photography – sharing your vision with your prospective photographer. There are a few different things you need to know and share with your photographer to make sure your pictures are simply stunning.

First, we are happy to make suggestions to help you create a specific look for your images or capture key moments. But we’d be even happier if you created a mood board and showed us images you loved. They don’t have to be wedding images. Instead, they could be photographs that capture a certain look, mood, or light. You’re welcome to describe your ideas to us, but so often, pictures say more than a thousand words.

2. Tell us About Your Timeline

Every wedding has a timeline with key moments. Cutting the cake only takes a few minutes, for example. Your first dance may be over just as quickly. The point is, as your professional wedding photographer, we need to know when these moments happen to allow us to be ready for them.

The sooner you share your timeline with us, the better we can prepare.

3. Let us Visit Your Venue

Every wedding venue is different, and being able to see it beforehand allows us to plan what equipment to bring. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll always have a selection of lenses and other accessories with us.

However, seeing your venue before your big day helps us capture the light just a little more perfectly and deliver images you and your family will love.

4. Tell us About Key Images

What are the moments you really want to capture? Don’t say everything! Naturally, we’ll capture images throughout your wedding day, but if there are specific wedding photographs you care about deeply, let us know what they are.

This helps us tune into your wishes even more and exceed your expectations.

5. Combine Candid and Formal Shots

We love candid, natural shots conveying all the emotions of the perfect wedding day! At the same time, we’d encourage you to let us take a combination of candid and formal shots for you. Formal doesn’t mean stiff or overly posed.

Here’s an example: taking formal images simply means that we think a little more about the composition of an image than we could with candid shots. You’ll love the results, promise!

Would you like to know more about getting the perfect wedding photographs of your special day? Talk to us and share your ideas – it’s the first step toward turning your vision into a reality and capturing unforgettable moments.