Everything You Need to Know About Photographing Indian Wedding Traditions

January 25, 2024
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Indian wedding traditions can bring miraculous effects to your celebration, not to mention the whole photography process. The versatility, colorfulness, and vibrancy of the South Asian customs are elements that can bring out breathtaking outcomes. If you are throwing an Indian wedding, you would like to know which aspects can make your bridal celebration stand out. Authentically incorporating all the details will give you the power to create a setting like you have never seen before. 

However, to make your session unique, you will need some guidelines for including traditions spectacularly. While you may know all about Indian customs, learning how to make a difference for the whole concept is crucial. We want to say that preparing yourself to enjoy the culture a little bit differently will make your wedding memorable for you and your guests.

In this blog, we will explore various ways in which South Asian traditions can come to light and make your bridal photographs magical. If your idea of a wedding is a blend of culture and uniqueness, then you must read this!

The Glorious Red Dress of The Bride in a Natural Setting 

One of the most popular Indian wedding traditions is the red dress worn by the bride. This hue is a symbol of fertility and commitment, and it is a true symbol of what marriage is all about. If you decide to wear a traditional Indian wedding dress, then ensure that you find ways to depict the significance of it in a genuine manner. Your bridal portraits will tell a story, and you will want your dress to be the element that will portray your commitment to your marriage. 

The best way to present the glorious red color combined with intricate details and patterns is to have your photo session in a natural setting. Since the spotlight will be directed at you, you will want some photos that focus on your appearance for the big day. Choose a location to enjoy the natural light and the beauty of the natural surroundings. It is the best scenery to get the wondrous red color with its genuine tones on camera. The contrast of the setting will provide perfect conditions for creating authentic portraits. 

However, if an outdoor location is not an option for you, then you may consider a plain backdrop for an indoor session. Ensure that you do not have a lot of mixed colors in the background so you do not lose the miraculousness of the traditional Indian wedding dress. Its intricate embroidery needs to be seen in the photographs, so find an ambiance that will allow your photographer to capture that. 

The Henna Adornment in Close-Up Shots 

Henna adornments are Indian wedding traditions you cannot omit. Not only because they represent a culture but also because they can give you authentic photography outcomes. These delicate drawings on your hands can get you unique shots you can place in your bridal photo album. Usually, it is not only the bride who gets these glorious marks on her hands but all of the female friends and family. What is more interesting is that the henna adornment tradition happens a day before the actual Indian wedding ceremony. 

Since it is a special event, you can include it in your photography session. Just imagine your closest people by your side getting henna drawings. It is a photo opportunity that will make a difference in your bridal memory book. 

Getting the magic of the henna adornments in detail will require close-up shots. So, you can consider having photographs of your hands solely in gorgeous attire. Then, you can mix it up a little bit by including your female friends and family members in the shots. Multiple pairs of hands with eye-catching details are exactly what you need for your memories. With these kinds of pictures, you will not only have a tradition captured but also unforgettable moments you spent with your loved ones the day before the big event. 

Intimate Moment During The Exchange of Garlands 

A tradition that can do wonders for your Indian wedding photography is the moment of exchanging garlands or jai mala. It is a custom in which newlyweds exchange a garland and make their marriage complete. It is romantic and intimate, so you may consider including this tradition but without any spectators around you. 

This ritual may let you have some truly miraculous shots and add a special touch to your whole Indian wedding photography album. The jai mala is colorful and vibrant, so having a separate moment to capture this custom will lead to astonishing memories and perfect photos of your most special minutes of the union. 

Generally, this tradition is part of the Indian wedding ceremony, which is later followed by a ring exchange. However, you can schedule it privately so your photographer can take time and uniquely capture this ritual. 

The Ritual of Happiness for Capturing Authentic Moments 

The ritual of happiness is one of the most special Indian wedding traditions, and its symbolism must be a part of your bridal memories. The custom includes the newlyweds throwing rice at one another. The whole tradition represents fertility, prosperity, and, most importantly, happiness. Each marriage needs a magical ritual that will add a special touch to the whole union, and in South Asian weddings, that ritual is closely connected with contentment.

If you decide to go for Indian wedding videography, this tradition should definitely be captured and commemorated. For best results and special moments with your loved ones, you can include your family and friends in the ritual. Not only is the custom fun to do, but it comes with a special meaning and can bring you wonderful results on camera. 

The Sendoff Ceremony for Emotional Photographs 

Indians have a lovely, heartwarming tradition in which they emotionally send off the bride. The bride leaving the house is a touching moment for every family, but this country has a special ceremony in which they send her off in a unique way. The ceremony is known by the name vindaai and includes the bride walking around spreading prosperity and happiness while others throw rice and coins over her head. 

This ritual can look wonderful on camera and add a special touch to your whole Indian wedding videography. The vibrancy and colorfulness of the attire of all the attendees, along with the emotional process of the entire ritual, is something that can make your whole union authentic. Having these moments captured on video will not only be a good addition to your bridal videography material but also a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Unique Portraits of The All Outfits 

Indian wedding traditions include multiple outfit changes. Besides their main attire for the ceremony, the bride and groom have to change their clothes many times during the whole event. Since this attire is characterized by astonishing tones and hues along with intricate details, you should have a memory of each. 

So, talk to your photographer and schedule a photo session for each outfit change. These portraits can be done in different settings and with distinguished backdrops. While you may be required to pose in front of your photographer several times, the results will show you that it is quite worth it. Having all those vibrant and colorful combinations framed in memory will let you relive your wedding over and over again once the big day finishes.

The Majestic Dances 

Something you cannot exclude from your Indian wedding photography and videography are the glorious traditional dances. South Asian culture includes a lot of serious dances during the reception. They are fun, intriguing, and definitely worth having captured in framed memories. The dancing is unique mainly because there are different types of it, and there is a distinguished genre of music for each. Plus, it is all done in majestic outfits, so it is basically like a whole show you cannot see elsewhere. 

You should talk to your photographer and let them know the importance of these dances. The dancing part of the wedding will be your chance to get some of the best spontaneous shots of your big day. These photographs will not include any posing, but you should consider getting the most out of the setting in which the dances will take place. Communication with your photographer will allow you to capture these moments best and make sure you end up with amazing photos. 

Unique Shots of The Bridal Decor 

Indians spare no expense when it comes to bridal decor! They do not only include colorful garments and attire but statement pieces as well that immediately catch your eye. The main colors for the wedding ornaments are usually red, orange, and pink. They are the most attention-grabbing hues, so Indians use them to lure you into their lavish settings. 

When you are throwing a traditional Indian wedding, you will probably have a whole selection of decor. So, make sure you point out to your photographer to capture all those details that you will later want to enjoy when you remember your union. Moreover, include some portraits in which the bridal ornaments will be quite visible. This is a great way to commemorate every aspect of your celebration, including the tiniest elements, such as decor. 

Wedding Pranks for Authentic Memories 

A little bit of playfulness is what every wedding needs. This is quite a stressful time for the couple, their families as well as the wedding party. However, Indians have a wonderful tradition of incorporating pranks as part of the celebration. Usually, the jokes are directed at the groom, and they include hiding his shoes or not giving the bride away. These add a dose of amusement and diversify the whole celebration. 

If you decide to capture these moments, you will get some amazing, spontaneous shots. Talk to your photographer and agree on when these pranks will take place during the wedding. You will need to let the photographer know. Otherwise, they might miss the moment. So, ensure that you signalize them before the pranks happen. You can use a kind of sign so no one discovers what you and your bridesmaids are up to. 

Photographs of Delightful Food 

Indian weddings are well-known for the abundance of delightful food. These celebrations include many traditional delicacies that not only taste amazing but also look spectacular. So, taking a few shots of the food might be a good idea. You will have a nice memory of every traditional meal you included. 

However, you can make gorgeous memories of yourself and your partner with the actual food. You can make some cute shots with the cake or while trying together some tasty delicacies. To ensure that these pictures turn out as you desire, you will have to communicate with your photographer and listen to their suggestions. But you should consider this as an idea because food is a huge part of Indian wedding traditions.

The Groom’s Grandiose Entrance 

In weddings in other countries, usually, the bride is the one who steals the spotlight. However, in traditional South Asian weddings, the groom gets a chance to shine in front of the guests. In fact, the groom has a spectacular entrance like you have never seen in any bridal celebration!

Namely, they are supposed to enter in a chic car, on an elephant, or a horse. Plus, he is accompanied by his groomsmen and fire as well. This grand entrance symbolizes fortune and a good start to the marriage. When it comes to photography, you should consider including some shots only of the groom and this majestic beginning of a union.

It goes without saying that Indian wedding traditions are something spectacular to capture on camera. There are many breathtaking elements, from colors and vibrancy to food and rituals. The customs of the South Asian culture are amazing features that can make the bridal celebration truly memorable. However, photographs are the things that can portray the ambiance and the feelings in a true manner. So, preparing for your photo sessions and getting ideas for them is crucial. Hopefully, our suggestions were enough and will help you achieve the effects you want. 

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