Ten life events that need a professional photographer

January 25, 2024
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How many times you use your pone, ipad, tablet etc. to take a picture to capture those beautiful memories ? Almost every time, right ? Since technology took a turn for the better and cellphones were invented, everyone has cameras on them at all times. Now, people can capture special moments instantaneously. With this development, however, a question has been raised regarding the need for professional photographers.

Every-time there is a family event, holiday season, small get together, we start thinking do we need a photographer to take pictures ? Why do we need to get our pictures clicked professionally when we can just do it ourselves?

Professional photographers are a big part of special life events that you want to document. They have spent years learning all there is to know not only about a camera but also the creative and artistic part of the moment.

An amateur’s work could never compare to that of a professional. When you settle for amateur work over professional photography, you risk not doing enough justice to the moment in your life that you wish to capture.

While hiring a professional family photographer may cause you some money, the results are well worth it. Here are ten life events that require a professional photographer.

1. Family portraits

Family and portrait photographers act like your family doctors. They know your culture, traditions, probably friends and family too and they do a great job when it comes at capturing not just the members of a family, but also the love, joy, emotions, story of that moment in a lifetime. Family Photographers trained in their field can bring out so much more than objects or people. Family and portrait photographers have the innate gift of capturing emotions and creating a story. They draw from years of experience and deep insights to click the perfect family portrait. Choosing your family photographer will be one of the greatest investments you will do in your lifetime to create and keep memories for the lifetime and beyond.

2. High school photography

High school dances and graduation ceremonies are events filled with joy. They’re the markings of new beginnings. There is no going back to those school days to capture those moments in time and look back at them as memories. Hiring a professional photographer to capture the essence of your child’s high school experience is something you’ll never regret. Those Prom pictures, high school senior shoots, growing up group photoshoot etc. are all the memories you would want to keep and share with your grand children and children. Your family professional photographer can bring your dream come true.

3. Engagement photos

An engagement marks the beginning of a new life. It’s a major life event that needs to be captured just right. The photos taken during or even after your engagement can later become stories you tell your children. Only professional photographers are truly up to the task, doing justice to such an auspicious event.

4. Wedding photos

If there’s any occasion that demands professional photography, it’s a wedding. You absolutely cannot skip hiring a professional photographer for such an important day! Only a professional can get the job done amidst all the chaos and hubbub. First Dance, First Kiss and all the things you do at wedding can go unnoticed if there are no best memories captured in time. A professional Wedding photographer bring tons of years of experience and knowledge to capture those precious moments for you to look back.

At Sidpix, we have worked with hundreds of couples, capturing their special day on the reel. We have experience photographing weddings of all sizes and themes. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the work we’ve done in the past.

5. New pets

While you can just take a picture of your new pet with your iPhone, only a professional can do the job well. Pet photography is no laughing matter. Like an art form, it requires lots of practice and knowledge. The photographer will know tricks that can get your new pet to cooperate with the camera.

With a professional photographer, you will have an array of backdrops to choose from. And nothing beats having a professional capture a moment that you’re guaranteed to look back at and gush over.

6. Newborn photos

Kids grow up so fast. That’s why it’s especially important to savor the little moments before there are no more left. The best way to do this is through a newborn photoshoot. Newborn photographers are trained and experienced. They take exceptional pictures that can’t be compared to the ones you take of your baby on your phone.

Newborn photography is something you simply cannot skimp on. Make sure you get the best newborn photographer in your area to capture these precious moments.

7. Significant birthdays

Your children grow at a rapid pace. Before you know it, they’re graduating from high school and then from college, all in the blink of an eye.

Birthdays are milestones in a child’s life. This is why it’s important to get a good kid’s photographer to click your child’s pictures. Capture them as they are, so you can look back later and remember all the good times.

8. Big sporting event photos

Organized sports are a big deal. When your child first discovers the joy and comradery that comes with being part of a team, it’s a moment you’re going to want to capture. There is very rarely an event that matches the joy of friendship, coupled with the competitive spirit that sports brings out in children.

These moments of glory and discovery can only be properly captured by hiring a professional photographer. Although an iPhone may be able to click good-quality pictures, only a professional sports photographer can target the emotion of the game as well as the team.

9. Holiday card photos

Family holiday cards are an important part of any festive season. We usually use family portraits to convey what we’ve been up to for the past year to our relatives. Some people even like to go a little overboard and dress up according to a theme.

Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas you’re dressing for, the best way to capture the festive spirit of you and your family is by hiring a photographer. Your pictures won’t be their first rodeo.

They’ve had years of practice to know what works and what doesn’t. Holiday family cards don’t just communicate the events of the year to your relatives, but it can also act as a way for you to keep track of changes in the family.

At Sid Photography we plan holiday mini sessions for a specific theme every year. 2019 brings in a Winter Wonderland theme for our Holiday Card Photos.

10. Professional business headshots

Selfies just won’t cut it in a formal business setting. Professional settings necessitate professional photography. Whether you’re a consultant, a real estate agent, or an actor, you’ll need the help of a professional photographer to understand lighting and camera equipment for career-appropriate backdrops. Professional photographers even help you out with your poses so that you’ll end up with your ideal business headshots.

Skimping on professional photography to save a few coins is not worth it. Memories can only be perfectly captured with the help of a professional.

Your event’s not on this list?

The team at Sidpix has extensive experience working on a variety of events. We are extremely professional, and our personalized service will certainly please you.

If you’d like to hire us for any other event, feel free to give us a call. We can help you with anything you want.