Different Wedding Photography Styles

January 25, 2024
Wedding Photography Styles
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When planning a celebration for your special day, choosing a venue, decorations, and an array of vendors are big factors that affect your experience. However, choosing the right Texas wedding photographer is of utmost importance to capture the moments as they are and immortalize them. With that, you will not only be captured with all your beauty, but you will also have the opportunity to recall the beautiful moments further by looking at the wedding album. With that, you need to take your time and explore different wedding photography styles.

You might be thinking that anyone can take photos at your wedding. While this is technically true, choosing a professional is essential if you want perfect results enriched with aesthetics and an artistic touch. The last thing you want is for your special day to be captured amateurishly.

Every professional photographer cultivates their wedding photography styles. At Sidpix, we know how important it is to align your visions with your photographer. To that end, we've created this article to talk about the different styles you can incorporate into your wedding album. That way, you'll be able to make an informed decision when choosing your photographer while synchronizing their style with your vision. 


When you imagine wedding photography, it's usually pictures in a classic style. This wedding photography style features static framing and posing, captured from an eye-level perspective. Think of family portraits or portraits with your guests.

Although these photos also capture the moment, they are still staged and less creative compared to other styles of wedding photography. However, with classic pictures, your wedding memories will be timeless and great for your album. Of course, you can talk to the chosen Texas wedding photographer and explain your expectations. By doing so, they will be able to infuse modernity into the classic style, giving you a unique display of your celebration.


If you want a refined and luxurious type of wedding photography style, consider editorial. Posing is also included here, but by using the environment and playing with the light, the photos are similar to those you see in magazines. The downside? This is perhaps the most difficult style to capture.

Still, other factors besides aesthetics make this style refined. Photographers are entirely involved in the wedding itself, posing as directors who dictate the entire scenario. By doing so, they will be able to show the celebration of your love from start to finish and get a cohesive story. As a result, you will receive an aesthetically beautiful wedding album, with photos ready for framing and eternal reminder of these moments.


There's a really good reason why twinkling is one of the most popular types of wedding photography styles. By documenting your entire special day and capturing all the candid moments, you'll feel like you're reliving your wedding magic.

Just think of those shots where you can see the guests' reaction when you say your vows and pronounce yourself as a married couple, as well as your sincere smiles during the first dance. With the help of this style, where all honest emotions are captured and without the need for forced poses, your wedding album will come to life.

The photographer blends in among the guests during documentary-style wedding photography but captures every important moment. That way, they can capture every detail while letting you and your guests thoroughly enjoy the moment without the pressure of being photographed. This way, it will achieve true authenticity and naturally capture your wedding celebration as it is.

Fine Art

Just as art has no definition, neither does fine art wedding style. Comparing the shots, fine art is most similar to the editorial style, but there is a distinct difference. This wedding photography style also strives to portray a narrative through artistic photographs of your wedding. Photos are bright and airy but can also incorporate a pop of color.

However, unlike the editorial and spontaneous style where the photographer blends into the crowd, here, they are fully involved in the event. By correctly choosing the light, colors, and location itself, your fine art photographer will create beautiful works of art that will contribute to a unique wedding album.


Sometimes, some photos look much better in monochrome, especially in black and white. When it comes to such a romantic event, many moments and emotions will be highlighted using this wedding photography technique. Although this is more of a style achieved by editing, some photographers carry special equipment specific to black-and-white shots.

With that in mind, talk to your photographer and tell them if you want pictures in this style. Not all photos have to be monochromatic, but it's nice to have some for diversity. Of course, if you decide on digital photos, you will have the opportunity to choose whether you like monochrome or color photography.


Photos that play with shadows or use light as contrast are a great way to get dramatic effects. This wedding photography style is very interesting and allows for breaking the monotony between classic photos.

When taking pictures, the Texas wedding photographer will place you in the shadows and use the light to get the desired effect. Also, photos can be modified in post-production, where the exposure will be reduced, and the image's contrast will be played with. By doing so, you will get a dark photo where the light and striking colors will make you look beautiful but also dramatic and mysterious. Because of this, the dramatic style is great for modern weddings, where the album will be a true masterpiece.


The photography style you choose should match the theme of the wedding itself. If you are planning a vintage celebration, then you should consider the same type of wedding photography style to achieve cohesiveness. Imagine how good a vintage venue will look with your outfit and this type of photography!

To be clear, vintage photography style does not mean images in black and white tones or overdoing the sepia effect. On the contrary, it is achieved by using either filters or editing in post-production. Usually, vintage photos are static, where you will have to pose. However, you don't have to stick to that rule. You can always give your touch, which will give you a unique album and a result that will exceed your expectations.


For all nature lovers, photos with scenic views behind you are a wonderful addition to the wedding album. The landscape wedding photography style is perfect if you are organizing a destination celebration in a natural setting. This is most suitable for a venue on the beach or in a high position where you can take advantage of the panoramic view.

For this purpose, your photographer will work with you before the photo session, where you will tell them your wishes. That way, they will have time to find a location where they can take beautiful landscape photos of you and your partner. Of course, even if you are not having a wedding in such a destination, with the help of your photographer, you can discuss a possible location where you will perform this photo shoot. With that, you'll get a truly adventurous wedding album enriched with moments you'll remember forever.


Aerial style is just that - photos taken from a height or bird's eye view. Such photos provide diversity in the wedding album because they are significantly different from all other wedding photography styles. This way, not only can you choose a spot for a high shot for you and your partner, but it's also a good opportunity for a panoramic photo with you and all your guests.

To achieve the aerial style, your Texas wedding photographer will need to be perched on a ladder or use the upper floor of your venue. If you're hosting your celebration outdoors, ask them about having a drone to make these photos possible. If not, hiring a drone professional may be an additional cost to you.


As an additional way to get a vintage feel for your wedding, film photography is a great style to consider. This is the way photography used to be before modern and digital cameras came out. However, although vintage, these photos are timeless.

Using film strips means that we have a limited number of photos that we can take. This means that every shot should be precise and well thought out, where the photographer's skill is evident. This makes documenting your wedding authentic and spontaneous, resulting in a unique result.

Keep in mind that using film is typically among the more expensive types of wedding photography. Its price stems from the very need for film, as well as the more complex development of images. 


The flash photography style is not a modern method, but it is quite popular because of the dramatic and striking results. It's the same as the spontaneous or candid photography style, where moments are captured as they are, without posing or staging. 

The popularity behind this wedding photography style comes from two reasons. First, it will make you feel like a famous person because you are enjoying the moment, and the flashes will act like celebrity journalists. Secondly, the photos in this style, due to the direct exposure of the flash in you, will be more impressive and interesting.


The blurry photography style is a contemporary trend gaining popularity in modern weddings. As the name implies, the photos are purposely made to be blurred, which gives a distinctive look to the wedding album. Of course, not all images from your wedding should be blurry. This style is used to break the monotony and realistically showcase the atmosphere.

The blurry style is great when capturing a wedding party, where the motion will provide the desired effect. In addition, with this style, the lights are also blackened, which further contributes to the aesthetics. Finally, this kind of photography works really well during the reception, specifically on the dance floor. For instance, you can be in focus while your guests can be blurred out.

Things to consider when looking for the right wedding photography style

The approach of the photographer

Before hiring a photographer for your celebration, it is important to understand their approach. Take a look at their portfolio, and take note of their style. Also, their willingness to push barriers when it comes to photography style is an essential factor.

Typically, photographers are adaptable to multiple styles. Especially because there are more styles of wedding photography used in one wedding. However, make sure that the one you choose can deliver what you want.

Needed equipment

Since some of the wedding photography styles require a special type of equipment, inquire whether the particular photographer has everything you need. These include vintage, aerial, and film styles. Although this is technical, knowing how to get the desired results is important.

Editing and post-production abilities

With all the possible programs professionals use for editing, photos can be made differently. For instance, you get a dramatic style if you play with saturation and shadows. Or, you can make a complete difference from black and white to a color image. Of course, the skill of your Texas wedding photographer will allow for the incorporation of many different methods. This way, your album will be more diverse and unique.

With so many wedding photography styles, you will surely be able to choose something you love. Of course, if you are indecisive, you can choose several of them, but ensure they are cohesive and mesh well together. Still, your photographer will provide their expertise and suggest they are on par with your vision. Simply put, when you go with professionals, know your wedding will be captured perfectly.

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