Everything You Need To Know About Artistic Fine Art Photography Style Wedding and Should You Get One?

January 25, 2024
Wedding Photography Styles
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Wedding Photography Checklist to capture artistic memories.

Selecting a photographer significantly influences how you will remember your special for years to come, even though choosing a coordinator, location, attire, and décor are all important aspects affecting how you will feel on your wedding day. Even though you might believe that anyone with a camera can capture your special day, wedding photography is a profession that requires a great deal of expertise, endurance, imagination, and experience.

There are so many things to keep in mind to ensure you have the best memories of the special day of your lifetime. Investing in a photographer who is not just skilled but also has a style that matches your artistic fine art photography vision for this significant occasion will pay off.

Below is our wedding photography checklist to ensure you have the best artistic wedding photos of your big day to cherish forever.

Defining Fine Art Photography

A photographer who practices fine art style is a true artist in its literal meaning. Fine art images are taken primarily for their creative and artistic value. It involves much more than just taking pictures of what's in front of the lens. The same goes for the videos, as well.

Fine art photography is defined as photographic artwork produced in accordance with the artist's vision. It is sometimes referred to as "photography art" or "artistic fine art photography." Photography is the preferred creative medium of fine artists, although today, the videography part has significantly developed.

Fine art photos convey a unique and inventive concept, feeling, or message. They are the antithesis of documentary photography and have no business motive. Even though everyone can take photos these days, there is still a big difference in the quality of different shots. Not to mention the variety of photo styles available.

Determining what constitutes photography and what kinds of images are considered works of art can be challenging. However, one is sure- commercial photography in many forms is not regarded as fine art.

Sidpix's Unique Take

At Sidpix, we believe that the client's needs and objectives come first, even though fine art photography for a wedding is primarily focused on the photographer's artistic vision. Following a meeting where you communicate your desires to your photographer, the two of you collaborate to establish an immaculate artistic fine art photography style. After that, Sidpix’s photographer/videographer will use their expertise to make that vision a reality.

Fine art style frequently allows you to express yourself through clothing or fashion. With your hair, makeup, and attire done to perfection, you can relax and feel gorgeous, knowing that every little detail contributes to the overall artistic vision. The customer and the photographer can both agree on how important it is to feel beautiful for your session.

A discriminating customer may also notice that fine art photos occasionally have a grainier, softer tone than other types of images. This is a result of the fact that a large number of expert wedding photographers and videographers favor shooting on medium format film over digital. The defining characteristic of this style is the use of film, as it conveys a more understated, timeless, and lovely atmosphere.

Why Pick Artistic Fine Art Photography for a Wedding

You're looking for a photographer to capture the most important moments of your special day. You're using hashtags to search via social media, finding out who took your friends' pictures, and evaluating whether or not you like them. You're sifting through a variety of photographic styles, reading blogs and guides to try and choose what you enjoy. Naturally, this can be overwhelming, so we are here to introduce this delicate style!

Fine art wedding photographers take a deliberate approach. Our aim is to create a unified collection of photos that tells the story of the wedding rather than a collection of disparate pictures, and let me tell you- that's easier said than done. It involves making hundreds of incredibly quick but artistic decisions for your shots throughout the day. These decisions frequently determine what should be included in the frame and what should be left out.

These are the main reasons why you should opt for fine photography and videography:

1. The Vision

Fine art photographers and videographers will give a proactive vision to your visuals. We ask you to imagine a skilled painter to grasp this idea better. Before artists ever apply a single stroke to the canvas, they have a basic notion of the direction they want the picture to go. The process of conceiving and carrying out a vision gets an artwork from a blank canvas to its finished product.

An artist who specializes in the fine art style accomplishes just that. Even before we get there, we already have ideas about the kinds of pictures we want to paint for you. Every wedding has a somewhat different vision, which is influenced by the particulars of the day, such as the venue, season, color scheme, vibe, style, and personality, to mention a few.

2. Enhanced Pictures

The elevated feel of your images and film can enhance your big day’s memories. However, it all depends on the photographer's choices and attention to detail. Our aim is to showcase your special day as exquisitely and consistently as possible, according to the fine art ideal that is polished, beautiful, clean, organized, and bright.

3. Photographing on Film

The majority of photographers who specialize in artistic fine art wedding photography are experts at creating actual film, which is once more developed in a darkroom! Film has a considerably more distinctive, softer, and artistic look and feel than digital photos. Our couples frequently tell us that they were pulled to our work because of something different they saw and experienced and that something different is mostly film!

4. Planning Support

Apart from using their master skills, these artists can also offer professional help and support on your day. Above all, we know that to provide our unique style every time, we must become involved early in the timetable planning process while we still can positively impact the schedule.

Since we are well-versed in the amount of time required for every aspect of a wedding day, we arrive early to guarantee the success of your images. Nothing is left up to chance, and most couples exhale with relief as they see their photographer's lens mold their day.

5. Artistic 

The fine art style is a term used to describe visuals that are sophisticated, elegant, timeless, and romantic. On your big day, photographers and videographers move heaven and earth to capture images that are true to this aesthetic.

The Significance of Hiring a Fine Art Wedding Photographer and Videographer

It is crucial that you reserve a fine art wedding videographer or photographer for these kinds of events. Even while it could be tempting to choose the first person you come across, or even a friend or relative you know, a professional will be able to provide the genuinely amazing pictures you desire.

This is due to the fact that high art photography and videography require expertise; one must find the ideal setting, down to the lighting and wall shadows. A skilled fine art shooter will also be able to convey your main point and idealize the environment in which you are working.

Look for artists who specifically state that they specialize in fine art style on their business cards or websites. To make sure the individual you select will have the necessary experience, you may also read customer reviews.

To put it briefly, hiring a fine art expert is crucial since they will be able to effectively utilize the aesthetic decisions and distinctive characteristics of this style. The final images will have a lovely, dreamy, and romantic vibe.

How to Make Your Choice

How can you be sure you are making the right choice? Important life events are something you want to be comfortable knowing that someone you trust and who shares your vision will be behind the camera.

When it comes to selecting the ideal photographer for you, there are a few factors to take into account:

Spending plan

Consider the kind of visuals you wish to receive and the length or intensity of your session. This will have an effect on the cost. Be sure to consider your budget when looking for photographers.


Just as special occasions like weddings or engagement photos are planned far in advance, so too should your search for a photographer. Make careful to get a photographer who is accessible when you need them because many schedules get filled up quickly.

Type of photo session

Making sure your photographer has boudoir experience should be your first step if you're thinking of doing a bridal boudoir shot.

The overall aesthetic

To showcase their style, a lot of photographers provide a portfolio or sample images. Examine each one to ensure that their distinct aesthetic aligns with your vision. This will assist you in forming your goals and in communicating them to others.

You can locate the ideal photographer for you by using these suggestions. A lot of them also provide consultations or meetings to address any queries. Use this as an opportunity to determine your level of comfort.

What Can You Expect?

Knowing what to expect can be difficult even after you've chosen the ideal artist for the day. This might be especially true for fine art photographers and videographers, as many people may not have had the opportunity to work with them in the past. While the specifics will differ for every session, there are certain broad expectations you should have.

As previously stated, you should anticipate that your photographer will provide you with a consultation or an open line of communication on your expectations. This is your chance to clearly define your goals and the style you want your pictures to have.

Your photographer will make every effort to ensure your comfort on the day of the session. This is particularly valid for images that are more private or intimate. The process can involve asking how to pose or express yourself and following up to ensure all is well. Usually, you will be responsible for your own cosmetics and hair, but ask your photographer!

After that, they'll work hard to produce your exquisitely crafted and edited images on schedule. Although filming requires more time to develop, it is ultimately worthwhile. You may anticipate a final product from a fine art photographer that is elegant, timeless, and very beautiful.

Why Is Artistic Fine Art Photography So Popular?

There is no denying the popularity of fine art photography for a wedding. If you wonder why this particular style is so popular, all you have to do is look at some visuals. As you can see, they are breathtaking and leave the observer with strong feelings or messages. Additionally, people adore the fine art style because:

1. It is classic

A lot of pictures might eventually look antiquated or old, whether it's because of the background or your attire. You can always take with you the enduring beauty of these instants.

2. It gives them a sense of beauty

Everyone should always feel beautiful, and a skilled fine art photographer or wedding videographer can capture your inner light and true beauty in a picture.

3. It designates significant times

You will receive beautiful images that evoke memories of your most treasured moments when you employ fine art style to document significant events like your wedding or pregnancy.

To realize exactly how much people adore the art form, all you have to do is read the positive feedback from clients left for many photographers! It genuinely manifests and captures your dreams.

Make an Appointment for a Fine Art Photography Shoot Now

As you can see, taking fine art photos and videos involves much more than merely aiming your camera and hitting the shutter. It is a genuine artistic medium that allows the photographer and the subject to communicate creatively. This type of photography is one of the most exquisite forms of photography when done by a professional.

Therefore, why not think about artistic fine art photography style for significant events like your wedding day, maternity images, or bridal boudoir shoots? You'll adore the serene, lovely images with their delicate hues and well-thought-out features. You may wish to hang them on your wall indefinitely.

Feel free to check out our other blogs to better understand what we offer. There are many packages to suit all tastes. You can immediately set up an appointment if you have any queries for us!