20 Ideas for Planning a 2024 Dream Wedding

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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20 Ideas for Planning a 2024 Dream Wedding

Did you know that four out of ten couples feel ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed about wedding planning? That’s shocking, and we believe that you can avoid at least some of that wedding planning stress in the run-up to your big day.

After all, getting married should be one of the happiest moments for you as a couple. That’s why we’ve put together this article.

Read on for 20 ideas to help you plan your 2024 dream wedding in general and to ensure that your wedding photography and videography create beautiful, lasting memories.

Why Wedding Planning Becomes Stressful

The figures we quoted above come from the wedding website like zola, and they date back to 2018, pre-pandemic. During the pandemic, more than 7 out of 10 couples felt increasingly stressed about getting married. Some admitted to being more stressed about getting married than about finding a new job.

Now, to some degree, that apprehension and stress are understandable. Let’s look at the facts: No matter whether you’re planning a large or small wedding, in a nearby location or further away, you’ll have dozens, if not hundreds of items on your to-do list. Family members will be given welcome and less-welcome advice, and some may even want to take over from you to make their own mark on your wedding. Guests may have special requests, and suppliers may back out last minute. Now, you can’t really avoid all of those potential stressors, but you can manage them better by planning early and using all the help you can get.

Below are our ideas to help make your 2024 wedding more fun and less stressful!

Here are the ideas for your 2024 Dream Wedding

1. Plan Early

Remember those moments when your parents told you not to leave your homework until the very last minute? You may not have listened then but please listen now. Start planning your wedding as early as possible. Even if you intend to ‘only’ have a small wedding, you’ll be surprised by the number of details you need to consider, the number of suppliers you’ll be speaking to, and the number of questions that pop up along the way. The more time you have to do research, the easier it will be to find answers and create the wedding day of your dreams without becoming overly stressed.

Planning early also allows a bit of time to deal with sudden roadblocks and come up with alternatives when your initial idea isn’t working out. You may still encounter some last-minute issues, but if everything else is squared away, those issues will neither derail your wedding day nor leave you sleepless for weeks on end. Put simply, you can’t start wedding planning too early.

2. Find a Great Planning Template

Hopefully, our plea above has you convinced of the advantages of early planning. So, how do you get started? We’re big fans of getting some help. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to let go of the reigns or give away control of your wedding. Instead, we’d like you to remember that planning and delivering any great event revolves around working smarter, not harder. To do that, have a look at wedding planning templates or checklists.

While every wedding is different, customizable templates ensure you don’t forget anything major and hit the most important milestones at the right time. Here is a quick Video from theknot weddings showcasing the importance of having templates.

3. Consider Using a Planning App

Staying with planning smarter, not harder – perhaps you find that templates feel a little old-fashioned. Lots of couples love them, but if you are used to organizing your life on your smartphone, why not use a wedding planning app? Wedding planning apps let you manage your to-do lists on the go, and some also allow you to stay on top of your budget, manage your guest list, research suppliers and so much more. Have a look at the app store of your choice, and you’ll find that there are plenty of options.

4. Enlist Help from Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Yes, we’re continuing on the theme of getting help during the planning phase of your wedding. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are there to support you in the run-up to the big day as well as on your wedding day itself.

Most people will be honored to support you in any way they can, but others may not be able to commit their time. Don’t be disappointed when some of your friends are unable to commit to bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s duties. You’re better off bringing together a group of people who are happy to be actively involved than finding out later that you can’t get the support you were counting on.

5. Create a Collection of Ideas

Some of us have planned our dream weddings ever since we saw the first image of a happy couple in a getaway car with ‘Just Married’ plates. If that’s you, chances are you already have a collection of ideas ready. If you haven’t thought that far ahead, start putting together a collection of ideas now.

Consider having a brainstorming session with close friends and family, and try to be open to suggestions that seem a little far out. Sometimes those off-the-wall ideas lead to the most creative and memorable moments during your wedding. Social media platform Pinterest is a great place to collect visual ideas. It’s also an excellent place to find inspiration for every aspect of your wedding day.

6. Think About a Wedding Planning Subscription Box

Can wedding planning be fun? Yes, absolutely, and it’s even more fun with a subscription box! Check out The Ring Boxes, the Bride Box, or Wedding Forward’s subscription box for a selection of fun bridal must-haves and handy tips and tricks.

All subscription boxes vary, but many will contain a combination of:

  • Planning tools and checklists
  • Décor elements
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette party essentials
  • Exclusive bridal merchandise
  • Wedding day and honeymoon goodies

Some suppliers will let you choose a theme for your box, too. The products in these boxes are not only useful, but they also make great props for engagement photography and wedding pictures and videos later.

7. Choose a ‘Helpful’ Venue

Why not get some help from the professionals? Many of the leading wedding venues have wedding planners or event specialists on staff. When you book the venue, you generally get access to their services, too. This can be super useful, especially if you’re planning a large wedding with lots of guests that have specific requirements. Working out seating plans, providing high chairs, catering to dietary restrictions - wedding planners based in your chosen venue handle these requests every day. They know exactly what’s required, so why not take advantage of their expertise?

Here are 10 best Wedding Venues in Houston

Here are a few Dallas Fortworth Wedding Venues

8. Choose a Wedding Theme

Here’s the thing: There are millions of wedding-related products out there: table decorations, favors, flower arrangements. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice, and you may even feel a little overwhelmed by all that choice. That’s when a wedding theme can help. Picking a theme narrows down your choices and focuses your attention on items that fit the theme. Sounds almost too easy?

Take a look at our recent blog post about wedding themes and see whether one of them resonates with you. We promise that having a theme will make things easier!

9. Browse 2024 Wedding Photography and Videography Trends

Like fashion, weddings follow changing trends. Some themes like romantic, traditional, or classic weddings may change only a little over time, but there are others to consider. Check out the recent Cottage core trend or think about stripping out unnecessary details with a modern, minimalist approach.

There is plenty of inspiration online, and you’ll soon find ideas you’ll love for your own wedding. Even wedding photography and videography follow changing trends. A few years ago, videography was rare. Today, lots of couples love combining both, and live streaming is growing to allow far-away loved ones to participate.

10. Capture Candid Moments

Maybe you’ve grown up surrounded by classic photographs on the mantelpiece, but ask yourself whether these are really the memories of your wedding that you’ll cherish forever. Among the things most of us remember for longer are those unexpected moments when we connect to another person or when the light hits a loved one’s phase at just the right angle, or when you break out into uncontrolled laughter after someone makes a joke.

Capturing those moments during your wedding day is just as important as making sure everyone faces the camera when you’re taking that one picture of the entire party. At Sidpix Studios, we make sure to capture both if that’s what you want. Talk to us about the memories that are top of your list!

11. Film, Photography, and Video

Remember film cameras? Before digital photography and videography all but took over, you’d see wedding photographers quickly changing rolls of film to avoid missing crucial moments of your wedding day. Sounds complicated?

Actually, film is making a comeback in wedding photography. Think soft focus, warm tones, and an overall vintage fee. Adding film photography to your choice of digital images and videos is an excellent choice, especially if you’re considering a vintage-inspired theme for your wedding day.

12. Drone Shots

Your wedding seen from above! Incorporating drone shots into your wedding photography and videography has become a growing trend, and it’s easy to understand why once you see the results of wedding videos with drone footage. Think about sweeping moves that capture the beauty of your surroundings and finally home in on you and your loved ones enjoying your day. Adding drone footage allows us to catch dramatic sunsets and shoot your big day from a different perspective.

In most cases, we’ll bring a second videographer to focus on the drone and get the best results for you. Check out our packages on the Sidpix Studios website, and don’t hesitate to contact us with specific requirements.

13. Elevated Photo Sets

Do you love the look of editorial fashion photography in magazines like Vogue? Why not bring that style to your wedding day with an elevated photo set? If that sounds complicated, let us reassure you that it’s quite simple. To create an elevated photo set, we don’t need to do much more than drape beautiful fabrics in a designated location and add props that work well with your wedding theme.

With the right props and a stunning background, you’ll see your guests queueing to take a turn. Of course, we’ll take your picture there, too, and you may just be able to sneak ahead in front of everyone else. After all, it’s your wedding!

14. TikTok Trends

TikTok has taken the world of social media by storm, and the platform is quickly becoming an unparalleled source of inspiration for creatives.

Search for ‘Wedding Trends 2024’ on TikTok, and you’ll see that videos covering the topic have had millions of views. You’ll find advice on color schemes, traditional and non-traditional ideas, winning wedding themes, and so much more. If you’re already a TikTok user, why not look for inspiration on your favorite platform?

15. Video Albums

Video albums are slowly taking the place of traditional photo albums for many couples. If you’re choosing photography and videography services, talk to us about which parts of your wedding matter most to you. We always recommend creating a highlight video and shooting footage of your ceremony. But you, your family, and your friends may have other special moments planned that you would like to feature in your footage.

Unlike hard-copy photo albums, video albums are easy to share. You can send them to friends, share them on social media, and enjoy them yourself whenever you’d like to remember your dream wedding.

16. Be Realistic About Your Budget

So far, we’ve talked about getting help, and we’ve shared some of our favorite ideas for 2024 weddings and wedding photography especially. Time to get a little more serious and talk about the financial side of weddings. Few couples have the benefit of working with an unlimited budget. If you feel that you can’t fit everything you want into your budget, don’t panic. Start by narrowing down your priorities. What are your non-negotiables for your wedding, and what would simply be nice to have? Don’t be afraid to talk to your suppliers about your budget and ask them directly what they can do within your means. Many suppliers – just like Sidpix Studios – offer ready-made packages that are easy to book. But you can still customize our services to your needs. Share your ideas with us, and we’ll do our best to turn your dreams into reality.

17. Look for Vendors Offering Payment Plans

Staying with budgetary concerns, consider looking for vendors that offer payment plans. Payment plans can help spread your expenses over several months, making it easier to access the suppliers and services you love without causing serious financial problems. Many vendors also offer different levels of service.

For some couples, that works well as an alternative to a payment plan.

18. Make Small Deposits and Agree Balance Payments

Once you’ve selected your wedding vendors and agreed on payment plans, put down deposits. Deposits assure your suppliers that you’re serious about hiring them. You may choose to pay a deposit and make a single balance payment. Other suppliers may agree to a deposit and several installments.

When you’re agreeing to payment plans like this, make sure you understand the terms. Some suppliers may be able to offer installments without charging interest but others may penalize you for paying over time. Just like with any financial contract, it’s important to read the small print.

19. Book Sought-After Services

Early When you start searching for wedding vendors online, it’s easy to get the impression that there are thousands of suppliers out there vying for your business. That is partially true, but it’s also true that the most sought-after suppliers get booked up early. Take wedding venues, for example.

It’s not unheard of for leading venues to be booked for a year or two during prime wedding season. If you’re looking to hire industry-leading suppliers, you need to make a move early to avoid missing out.

20. Allow Yourself to Take a Break from Wedding Planning Now and Again

Our last point is perhaps less of an idea and more of a piece of advice. Wedding planning can get stressful, and there may be moments when you feel that you have far too much to do in far too little time. When that happens, give yourself a break rather than trying to muscle through it.

Taking a step back and devoting a day to your favorite hobby, going for a walk in nature, or meeting your friends can work wonders. A break will clear your head and revive your creative energies.

Plan a Wedding to Remember in 2024 Ready to start planning your wedding? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Sidpix Studios team. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for couples trying to decide on their wedding photography and videography. Plus, we’re currently offering 10% OFF and online bookings. Don’t miss, contact us today!