Seasonal Wedding Photography & Videography Ideas: Capture Your Big Day Beautifully

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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Wedding Photography & Videography Ideas for Every Season

What is the most important aspect of your wedding? The venue, the dress, the cake? The person you’re getting married to? Arguably, the person you’re getting married to matters above everyone and everything else. But what about the date?

Surely, you chose your wedding date for a reason. Perhaps it coincides with a date that matters for your family. Or perhaps you chose your favorite month or your preferred season. No matter what your choice is, it matters to your creative team just as much as it matters to you. Every season has its own considerations when it comes to luxury professional photography and videography. Here are a few seasonal ideas and considerations for wedding photography at any time of the year.

Spring Weddings

Spring and summer have traditionally been the busiest seasons for weddings. Why are they so popular? In the Dallas Fort Worth area and other parts of Texas, spring and summer come almost with a sunshine guarantee. For many couples, being able to rely on great weather for an outdoor wedding is a priority when it comes to choosing a date. So, how can your wedding photographer and videographer maximize a spring wedding?

1. Making the Most of Outdoor Settings

Texas winters may not be the coldest or longest in the country, but the time between November and February still feels chilly to Texans and those who have resided here for a while. Once spring starts and the days start feeling warmer, it’s time to focus on outdoor settings for your wedding photography and videography.

At the same time, it’s only prudent to have a backup indoor location or a few locations, just in case your wedding day turns out to be a little cold or has rather inclement, unstable weather conditions.

2. Capturing Nature’s Re-awakening

Whether you’re into gardening or growing plants or not, most people know that spring is the season when nature re-awakens after slowing down during the colder months. Think about posing in front of fruit trees in bloom, for example. A professional photographer or videographer will spot those magical places near your chosen venue and know how to set them in scene to create unforgettable images. Anyone looking at your images will know immediately, without asking, at what time of the year you got married.

3. Indoor or Outdoor – the Choice is Yours

We may be a little biased, but we think that spring in Texas is perhaps the perfect season for photography and weddings overall. Daytime temperatures are mild enough to spend time outside, gathering with your guests (perfect for those candid shots!), without getting too hot. These mild days make it easy to look your best all day long, ready to smile for the camera and share your love.

Of course, we’re happy to include indoor backdrops, too. After all, if you chose a venue with stunning interiors, why wouldn’t you want to capture it in your wedding photos and videos?

Summer Weddings

After spring, summer is generally seen as the best wedding season in many places. Is it a great time to get married in Texas? Absolutely, but the heat and strong light bring some unique considerations for wedding photography and videography.

1. Enjoying Light Late at Night

Summer weddings give us more daytime to play with, especially at the beginning of the summer. Having your wedding photographer and videographer with you until later in the evening lets them capture the entire day and make use of that magical summer evening light.

If your wedding is happening in June, July, or August, we highly recommend making time for that.

2. Working with Shadows and Lights at the Height of the Day

Can we take stunning pictures in the middle of the day during summer weddings in Texas? Yes, we can, we simply take a different approach. Around the middle of the day, we generally have really bright, strong natural light.

Initially, you may say that’s not great for pictures, but when used correctly, this kind of light allows us to create outstanding artistic wedding photographs that you’ll cherish forever.

3. Use Water Features for Stunning Images

Have you thought about using water features? Some wedding venues feature decorative fountains, and combined with this strong summer light they are far more than yet another outdoor backdrop. We love combining water and sun for playful, unique images that let you show your love for each other naturally and candidly.

Water features are also perfect for more formal family photographs, creating a central point of focus around which you and your loved ones can gather. Bear that in mind when you’re selecting your wedding venue, but don’t be afraid to ask your creative team for input. Sidpix Studios is always happy to help you brainstorm before your big day to line up outstanding images.

Fall Weddings

Are you getting married in the fall? We believe that’s a great choice! Especially at the beginning of fall, you’ll still have long days and warm or even hot days. Because you’re just a little outside of the main wedding season, though, venue availability improves, and it becomes easier to hire your favorite wedding vendors.

Plus, there are excellent photographic and videographic opportunities, too. Here are our top three image ideas for fall:

1. Embrace Fall Colors

Granted, Texas may not get the same stunning fall foliage that you’d expect in New England states, for example, but we do get our fair share. If you’re based in a Metropolitan area such as Houston, TX or you’re planning a Dallas wedding, you may not see a lot of fall foliage at your doorstep. But as soon as you head into the countryside, you’re in for a treat.

Unless you choose a country wedding, traveling is rarely an option on your wedding day, so why not consider an engagement shoot surrounded by best and gorgeous fall scenery? We’re happy to help you choose a location, and we promise you won’t be disappointed with the results.

2. Make the Most of Softer Light

Compared to summer, fall also brings softer light conditions. That makes it easier for us to capture the beauty and romance of your wedding day.

We love using that natural light for daytime wedding photoshoots. Of course, adding lights can make up for darker surroundings, but there is nothing quite like a natural, sunlit backdrop! Why not book a free consultation with us to find out more?

3. Combine Outdoor with Indoor Backdrops

If you’re getting married a little later in the fall, it’s prudent to plan for a combination of outdoor and indoor locations for your wedding photography.

Taking that approach means you’re ready even if the weather takes a turn for the bad, or if you and your party are feeling a little chilly. We found that the excitement of the day generally makes up for that, but having options will give you the peace of mind you deserve on your wedding day!

Winter Weddings

Say winter wedding, and most people will conjure up images of snow-covered roofs and windows frosted with ice crystals. That may be what a winter wedding looks like in the Rocky Mountains or Scandinavia, but in Texas winter weddings are different.

Winter weddings here mean shorter days, but we generally still benefit from ten hours of bright sunlight on most days.

1. Plan Outdoor Sessions for Daytime

With slightly shorter days, your wedding photographer and videographer will do their best to make the most of the natural light for you and your party. In fact, natural light is one of our favorite things to use at Sidpix Studios to make you and your party look amazing.

So, how can we make sure we maximize the beauty of that winter light? Think of us as part of your wedding planning team and let us help you identify the best locations and time for your pictures in budget

2. Create Cozy Winter Indoor Backdrops

Daytime temperatures may still be mild in meteorological terms in Texas, but if you’re used to Texan summers, you may feel a bit chilly, even in the middle of the day. We’d still suggest making time for some outdoor photography to take advantage of that beautiful light.

Then we’ll head indoors for cozy, wintertime backdrops. In some places, these backdrops are obvious. In others, we may need to spend a little time to find them or even re-arrange some furniture and add a few bits and pieces here and there. Don’t worry, we’re not adding to your to-do list. Depending on the package you choose, it’s all part of our service including a smooth wedding day timeline for execution.

3. Use Soft, Low Light to Capture Romance

As the days turn a bit shorter, it becomes easier to take advantage of that soft, low light right at the beginning and just before the end of the day. These are the perfect conditions to capture your romance and create images you’ll cherish forever.

Winter weddings may not be at the top of most couple’s wish lists, but from a wedding creative’s point of view, we love them!

There’s no right or wrong time to get married in Texas. If you’d like to hear more wedding photography and videography ideas, get in touch for a free consultation online. We also accept online bookings at Sidpix Studios!