15 Best wedding photography venues in DFW (Dallas Fortworth)

January 25, 2024
Wedding Venues
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15 Best Wedding Photography Venues in DFW (Dallas Fortworth)

What is the most important aspect of choosing a wedding venue? To be honest, there are probably as many correct answers to this question as there are couples planning their wedding and finding wedding photography venues. A venue that is great for a large wedding party will not work as well for a small, intimate gathering. If you’re aiming for a modern, minimalist wedding theme, historic buildings will hardly be the right choice.

If you have a particularly busy lifestyle, you may favor a wedding photography venue that has a team of wedding planners on staff. Or perhaps you want to get away from home and organize a destination wedding? The choices are endless.

In this blog post, we want to share with you our top 15 wedding photography venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as seen from a wedding photographer’s point of view. If you’re looking at getting married in Texas, read on. You might just find your dream venue.

How The Best Wedding Photographers in Dallas-Fort Worth Choose Venues

Before we dive into individual venues, let us share with you how we look at wedding venues. As wedding photographers and videographers, our goal is to tell your story visually. From the moment we meet you to talk about your vision for your wedding imagery, our imagination kicks into gear. Once we have an idea in mind, like you, we start to look at venues online. The Wedding Maps website is an excellent source of inspiration. When we set foot into your venue, we start thinking about the shots and sequences that would lend themselves to stunning images of you, your family, friends, and the entire wedding party.

Think of it as creating a storybook for your wedding day. We look for dramatic backdrops, small details, and unique spots within the venue.

For example, if you’re getting married in the fall in an outdoor venue, we would be looking for an opportunity to catch fall foliage with fall color palette. In every venue, we quickly hone in on the spots that have the most beautiful natural light at different times of the day. Natural light is one of our favorite ‘tools’ to work with at Sidpix Studios, and there’s nothing quite like it to catch the mood and romance of a stunning wedding day. So, where do we find that magic light and those stand-out locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Here are our 15 favorite venues. If you are in search of Top Engagement Venues in DFW area, look at our favorite and top picks here

1. Edison’s

Let’s kick things off with an extravagant venue that is just perfect for accommodating grand weddings. Edison’s is one of North Texas’s largest wedding venues and features a multitude of rooms that can be transformed into modern, rustic, romantic, or virtually any other type of themed wedding.

We love the versatility and the fact that even the smallest room comes with a  DJ and a Dance floor allowing you to celebrate to your heart’s content and us as wedding photographers to take incredible images of that all-important first dance. Being one of the area’s prime wedding venues, the Edison’s team is ready to look after your catering as well. You can customize the food you serve for your wedding party, and they offer convenient full bar packages, too. Anyone traveling from further afield will love the convenience of valet parking. So many reasons to take a look at Edison’s!

2. 2616 Commerce Event Center

Named after its location, 2616 Commerce offers three venues in one. We love all three of them for different reasons. Starting at the top, The Sky Deck is an incredible outdoor space that offers breathtaking views of downtown Dallas and wedding photography backdrops and themes that are second to none.

You can’t go wrong with this romantic, modern, and picturesque venue. Next is the 3rd floor Penthouse. Think sophisticated and stylish with a real edge of luxury. This is the perfect location to celebrate your love for each other and impress your wedding guests with splendid views.

Last but certainly not least is the 1st floor Commerce Room. It’s just as unique as the other two options with a combination of elegance and industrial charm. This is a great choice for a sleek, modern wedding. Your choices don’t end with the spaces. The team at 2612 Commerce will work with you to customize each aspect of your wedding according to your wishes.

3. Brik Venue, Fort Worth

This former textile warehouse offers you 10,000 square feet of open space to fill with your imagination. Be it your backyard wedding style or the perfect look of your dream wedding. Open space doesn’t mean empty, though. BRIK venue retains some of its original features from 100 years ago, including the beautifully restored hardwood floors.

You’ll also find that this hidden gem oozes a combination of rustic and industrial charm that is hard to find in urban areas. It’s an excellent venue for anyone trying to organize a rustic, modern wedding, or looking for something simple without being bland. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, though.

Luxurious amenities and a highly skilled and dedicated team will make sure you have the dream wedding you deserve. For budget conscious, read our blog on cost & budgeting for your dream wedding.

4. Canopy by Hilton Dallas Uptown

Sleek design, memorable brickwork, and a million-dollar view make this venue an excellent choice if you want to celebrate your wedding in uptown Dallas. Imagine having pictures of your reception with downtown Dallas in the background – they’ll make for unforgettable memories.

The Canopy comes complete with an outdoor patio, rooftop lounge, and a terrace dance floor. It’s perfect for both your wedding ceremony and your reception. Add craft cocktails into the equations, and it becomes almost impossible to resist this place for an intimate reception or a huge party.

5. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

As stunning outdoor venues go, you can’t go wrong with the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. This garden venue has several special places to hold your ceremony in their stunning gardens spanning 66 acres. There is a secret grotto that is just perfect for romantic pictures that tell the story of your love. We also love the Orchid Hollow and the rose garden. Put simply, you’ll be spoilt for choice of incredible locations for your ceremony.

With the ceremony complete, you and your party will be heading into one of the reception halls. With a choice of modern and historic locations, it’ll be easy to find the perfect place to match your wedding theme, too. And if you need any more reasons to consider this location, here is one: the Arboretum is located only 15 minutes from downtown, making it easy for your guests to travel and enjoy your wedding day with you.

6. Dallas Arts District and the Arts District Mansion

If you’re looking not only for a unique venue in which to celebrate your wedding but also want a range of different options for your wedding photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, check out the Dallas Arts District. Why celebrate your wedding there? First, it’s the largest continuous urban arts district in the nation. Second, no matter where you turn, you’re surrounded by beauty in the shape of award-winning architect-designed buildings. Who wouldn’t be inspired by that alone? Third, you’re surrounded by art in many different forms, making this an ideal location for photography.

Within the district, we love the Arts District Mansion as a venue. This late 19th-century building has been beautifully restored and now features a sun-bathed atrium, a grand entrance, and a jaw-dropping ballroom complete with floor-to-ceiling windows to let in this all-important natural light. It’s one of the special places in the city!

7. D.E.C on Dragon Street

A little retro, a little modern, and a lot stunning: this description sums up D.E.C. on Dragon Street. Situated in the heart of Dallas’ design district, this award-winning venue lets you choose between a stunning rooftop terrace, luxurious private spaces, and elegant interiors.

Of course, you can combine all three to create the wedding of your dreams. As photographers, we love the idea of holding a boho-chic wedding in this space. When you opt for this venue, you’ll also have the support of an outstanding professional event planning team ready to make your dream wedding come true.

8. Dallas Palms

Looking to impress your guests and have stunning wedding pictures and wedding videos taken? Look no further than the Dallas Palms!

Think gold chandeliers, extravagant staircases, beautiful gardens for an outdoor ceremony, and an impressive ballroom for your wedding reception. We think this is one of the venues that has it all if you’re getting ready for a lavish affair or would like to organize a small intimate gathering of friends that still makes a statement. You’ll also have the support of an experienced team by your side. They’ll help you run your wedding smoothly and take care of all the details.

9. Dallas Marriott Downtown and Dallas / Addison Marriott Quorum

To be fair Dallas has a huge selection of hotels downtown and a little further afield that can help you plan your wedding expertly and make your dream wedding come true.

Why choose a hotel venue? If you have lots of guests traveling from further afield, it’s easy to combine a stunning venue with providing accommodation.

Plus, you will have expert wedding planners and organizers on hand. So, why did we pick these two Dallas hotels? We love the ballrooms at the Dallas Marriott Downtown. Stunning lighting, touches of color, and the ability to transform into a classic, traditional, or modern venue all make this a great choice. The Dallas / Addison Marriott Quorum is an excellent choice if you think you’re going to have a large party but are not entirely sure yet. The hotel features 15 event spaces that can be combined to accommodate (almost) any number of guests. So, if a big Texas wedding is your goal, this is a great venue to have it in.

10. Dalmore’s Event Venue, Fort Worth, TX

Situated outside of Fort Worth, Dalmore’s event venue delivers if you’re looking for a combined indoor and outdoor space that is luxurious and versatile at the same time. From a photography and videography point of view, we can’t get over the huge windows here. These windows are ideal for catching all the natural light you could wish for, making it easy for us to create stand-out images and videos of your wedding. Whether we’re capturing you in the middle of the day or taking advantage of the softer light later on, this venue makes it easy to create beautiful images.

11. Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth, TX

Let us introduce you to one of Texas’ favorite wedding venues! The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is not only an oasis of calm in a bustling metropolis but also an almost unmatched picturesque setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions. This venue has a team of in-house event planners who will help you realize your vision for your wedding day. With amazing wedding backdrops for a larger party, the breathtaking Grand Ballroom is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

If you’re planning a smaller gathering, check out the intimate Rosemary Clooney Salon. Of course, you can choose to have your wedding entirely outdoors, too. As wedding photographers and videographers, we love the variety of backdrops created by the stunning flowers and lush greenery throughout the year. You’ll be spoilt for choice of picture locations.

12. Las Colinas Resort, Dallas, TX

Las Colinas was designed for moments that only happen once in a lifetime. This resort is the perfect stage and backdrop for your wedding, whether you’re celebrating with your inner circle or have invited everyone you know. It’s also a great venue for anyone struggling to choose between a downtown wedding or a destination-type wedding.

Choose between refined ballrooms with graceful décor or a plethora of outdoor settings that have been landscaped beautifully. The resort’s team is no stranger to classic, modern, and other types of weddings, allowing you to craft your perfect day with all the support you need. The team has organized country weddings, garden weddings, and even rustic celebrations. You can’t go wrong with this one.

13. The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, TX

Planning a formal, glam, or classic wedding? The Ritz-Carlton knows how to organize your dream day for you on a grand scale or in more intimate surroundings. What we love the most about this venue is its Event Design Studio which lets you (and us) visualize every element of your wedding before making a final choice. Rather than needing to stretch your imagination, you can see your wedding right in front of you.

The Ritz-Carlton recently had a renovation, too, putting it into the same league as other top modern, sophisticated venues. A highly experienced culinary team is right there ready to accommodate specialty cuisines and dietary requirements. If you want to get married in downtown Dallas, this venue should be on your shortlist to visit.

14. The Ashton Depot, Fort Worth, TX

Where a piece of Fort Worth history meets your future as a couple – this 1899 building features original marble floors, exquisite woodwork, unmatched stained glass windows, and tin ceilings. All of them are just perfect for stunning wedding photography and videography, whether you’re looking for a backdrop for a family picture or just want to capture those impossible-to-repeat candid moments.

With 10,000 square feet of indoor and more than 3,000 square feet of outdoor courtyard space, this venue can host small gatherings of 30 to 50 guests as well as receptions for up to 500. From a photographic point of view, both are a dream to work with.

15. House of Dirt, Dallas, TX

You could be forgiven for feeling suspicious about a wedding venue named House of Dirt. But bear with us as we tell you more about this unique venue in the heart of Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. It’s run by local floral artists, DIRT Flowers, and this is where the name came from.

So, what can you expect inside? Picture boho chic meeting outstanding greenery in this indoor and outdoor venue. Wherever you look, there are thoughtful details that make this a dream venue for any wedding photographer. Huge windows and French doors make sure there’s no shortage of natural light at any time of the day. We love the lush plants on the front porch as well as the quieter backyard spaces. This venue has it all for couples who love a boho theme and just don’t want to choose between an indoor and an outdoor venue.

Where Will You Tie the Knot? There’s no shortage of stunning, unique wedding venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Many offer highly affordable stylish services that are excellent value but beware of cheap services. There is some truth in the saying “You get what you pay for” when it comes to wedding venues and wedding photography and videography services. The Sidpix team is available for online bookings now. Contact us about Sidpix services, and don’t hesitate to ask about our preferred vendors and wedding partner discounts.

Our goal is to do everything we can to help you enjoy the best day of your life!