14 Wedding Ring Photography Ideas

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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Wedding rings are one of the most symbolic nuptial elements. They epitomize the union of a couple when two souls join in one. Their shape stands for eternity, immortality, and infinity. The ceremony of the ring exchange is perhaps the most heartfelt moment of the wedding because couples believe those round bands represent the unbreakable bond of marriage.

These symbols of everlasting love deserve to be part of the wedding album. If you want to create original shots depicting the couple's individuality, unleash your imagination and dive into our world of best wedding ring photography ideas.

Creative Wedding Ring Photography Ideas

With details of the wedding outfit

The tendency to take photos of the elements of the wedding attire is increasing. As a wedding photographer in Austin, Texas, our team has many requests to immortalize those details. The idea is to bring the wedding rings into focus while the bridal outfit and the groom’s suit hang in the background. Another option is to place the rings in the center with the bride and groom’s accessories on each side: the tie, earrings, pearls, boutonniere, and bridal bouquet.

Bible shots

Every ring symbolizes the meaning of love. To portray the idea, you can put the rings in a chapter of the Bible that quotes the definition of love. Bring to focus the rings and the quote while blurring the rest of the words. Most believers will adore these wedding ring detail shots. You can also place the ring in the middle between both sides of the pages and direct the light to create a heart-shaped shadow of the ring or twist the pages to form a heart and put a ring in each half.

In the ring holder

When exploring wedding ring photography ideas, don’t forget to include the ring holder in the shot. Whether it is classic or has a personal, rustic, modern, or original touch, have a picture of your wedding rings placed in the ring box. They will look incredible in the foreground.

Add a personal object in the shot

Include a special item in the wedding ring detail shot, like a family souvenir or a personal object that is very dear to you. Discuss with your DFW wedding photographer the idea of having a more personalized image with this detail. Tell them the story behind that object so they can make the most of the specific shot and portray the meaning. They will know on which surface to place it so that the light and exposure are adequate.

The option of photographing your wedding rings also involves leaving them in objects that are related to your hobbies. If you are fond of music, you can leave them on top of a musical instrument. Are you a couple of sports fans? Include footballs, golf, or tennis balls to add a personal touch to the photo. You also have the option of incorporating elements that represent your profession, like a stethoscope, microphone, hairdressing kit, etc.

Follow the season

Explore wedding ring photography ideas that match the season of your celebration. For lovers of the coast who will get married on the beach, do not hesitate to involve those details to highlight the rings. Get a shot of them on the sand, next to a starfish, or inside a sea shell. Alternatively, a classic spring wedding deserves the most tender shots of the rings placed on colorful blooms. If you want to go for a rustic fall vibe, put the rings on a piece of wood and use the natural scenery as a backdrop. And nothing will be more joyful than including Christmas lights or ornaments in your wedding ring detail shot to take full advantage of the winter wonderland festivity.

Include your pet

Another one on the list of excellent wedding ring photography ideas is to include your pet in the picture. Imagine this: the hand of the bride over the hand of the groom (both wearing the rings) topped with the paw of the dog or cat - the result will be adorable! They can also hang both rings on the animal's necklace or make a close-up of its nose with the rings on it.

Engravings in focus

Most couples make an engraving on their rings that reminds them of the affection they share. Some choose initials, wedding dates, or short romantic quotes, while others might prefer their respective names. Let your wedding photographer in Austin, Texas do their magic and eternalize that wedding ring’s sweet feature you will carry with you forever.

With the bride and groom

Intertwined hands are the typical way to capture wedding ring couple pictures, although there are other possibilities you can try. For example, you can try kissing each other and pretending to cover the camera with your hands while wearing the rings or taking the pinky fingers in the sense of promise. Our DFW wedding photographer team suggests the groom hug the bride from behind with his hands around her waist while they both place each other’s rings. So moving!

Don’t forget the sacred moment of ring exchange! Every couple must have a memento of the moment the ring was placed on their finger. 

Wedding ring shots with the baby

If you already expanded your family before the grand celebration, why not include the little munchkin in the photo? It will certainly be one of those wedding ring photography ideas that will touch your soul and incite some tearful eyes. Try a photo shoot with your baby and put your wedding rings on his little feet while you both hold them. Another heartwarming way to give your baby a role in the shot is to place the rings on his tiny hand while they are asleep. You will have some beautiful photos to remember that sweet moment, and your child will certainly love to see those shots when they grow up.

A generation of brides

Ask your mother, grandmother, or other family members who mean the world to you to take part in the shoot where you all show your wedding rings while holding hands. This wedding ring detail shot will be priceless, and we assure you you will be glad to have that beautiful moment frozen in time. The elderly members will go crazy over this idea!

With bridal accessories

Ask your wedding photographer in Austin, Texas to take advantage of the different elements of the bridal accessories. For instance, photograph the rings on the bride's veil, next to her favorite bottle of perfume, with her shoes mounted on the heel, in a wedding ring holder reflected in a mirror, or perched on the bridal bouquet to give the photo a fresh and super romantic tone.

Add the wedding stationary in the ring photoshoot

Many couples forget to save a sample of their wedding invitation, so why not keep a memory of yours forever by including it in the wedding ring detail shot? Place down all wedding stationery elements with the ring box next to them and treasure the look forever.

In harmony with the decor and wedding theme

Whether you have chosen a country wedding decoration or you plan to say ‘I do’ by the sea, use the natural resources that the landscape gives you and harmonize your wedding ring photography ideas with your chosen theme to have the perfect match. 

For a barn wedding with a boho or rustic vibe, photograph the rings on dried trunks, corks, or leaves. Another alternative is to leave them hanging from branches, in the center of a dried flower crown, or a small nest. On the other hand, if you opt for a beach celebration, you can ask your DFW wedding photographer to capture the footprints of your hands on the sand and then put the rings where they correspond. Isn’t that the most original idea ever?

On artwork

Incorporate the wedding rings into a painting you both love so much or an artistic space that identifies your special bond. If you are dealing with a wedding photographer in Austin, Texas, who excels in fine art, they can use their power to create a unique piece with the wedding ring. What do you think about spreading a colored powder of your choice on a neutral-colored surface, drawing a heart with your finger, and putting the rings in the middle?

Extra trips for the perfect wedding ring photo

Keep an eye on these details to put into effect the delicacy and beauty of the symbols of eternal love and apply them in all of your wedding ring photography ideas.

Mind the lighting

Perhaps one of the most important features seen in the wedding ring detail shot (and all others) is the lighting theme in each photograph. Natural light is not only recommended but essential in photographs of small details, such as wedding rings, because it allows the photographer to capture the volume and shape of objects better. That's why, in the case of a photo of a wedding ring in hand, the glow and details of the jewel will be appreciated more. Since the material of your jewelry will reflect the sun's rays, you should try to find the ideal position for the light to bathe the jewelry, but not in such a direct way that the flashes cover or blur them.

If the photography session is planned to be held outside, the hours with the optimal light are those of sunrise and sunset. In the case of an indoor place, try to be located next to a window or door, or use another light source such as LED rings, flash, or video lights to which the warmth and intensity are graduated manually. Remember that every different lighting position and degree can create a distinctive shot, so feel free to experiment. 

Choose clear or natural backgrounds

To make your wedding rings stand out in the photographs, you will have to look for clean, tidy, and clear backgrounds - ideally in nude, white, or natural tones. This way, you will get both rings to pop instead of getting lost in the image. Some of the best wedding ring photography ideas revolve around surfaces with some texture, such as a wall, a book cover, pieces of wood, stone surfaces, or smooth mirrored tops. 

If you are chasing the opposite idea, take a groundbreaking photo by choosing intense colors or vivid prints that add texture and splash a wave of liveliness to the wedding ring shot.

Bet on natural poses

The secret behind good wedding ring couple pictures lies in the naturalness when it comes to showing the jewel. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, casual conversations, hand shots while dancing - anything goes! 

If you prefer your hands to have a pose, you can choose to form a heart with each one's hand, close it in a fist and show the ring, place the hand on the partner’s back while you hug each other, or leave your hands intertwined while flaunting the wedding rings.

Try different angles

The photos of hands with wedding rings focus on showing this piece alone, that is, without wearing other accessories that can distract or minimize the ring. As professional wedding photographers in Austin, Texas, we would recommend opting for angles that give dimension, such as a plunging shot of the hand on which the ring is focused, instead of just going for a flat shot. Since the idea is to focus on the wedding ring in the foreground, this will allow every detail of the jewel to be appreciated.

Taking shots at different angles is also advised when dealing with reflective surfaces. The effect they make is incomparable, but you must be cautious not to show yourself in the reflection. That is why capturing the picture from a downward or upward angle is best.

Use the proper equipment

When it comes to capturing the ultimate wedding ring detail shot, macro zooms are the go-to gear, made explicitly for up-close photos. If you opt for it, you certainly don't need more than a background that matches the wedding decor and the best light to achieve the perfect close-up. We advise using the tripod with macro zooms – the higher the proximity of the objects in focus, the higher the chances of hand movement.

For a photo without so much closeness, you can use props: dried branches, small wooden logs, interesting fabrics, peculiar surfaces, etc. There are a thousand ideas to set the perfect stage. Remember to you use glue dots to set the wedding rings in the right position.

We are sure that with these practical tips and unique wedding ring photography ideas, not only will you create magnificent mementos of your tokes of everlasting love, but you will also be able to express your character as a couple. Find your way to preserve that glorious moment forever and put your identity seal on your wedding ring photo. After all, you will wear them for life, so they most certainly deserve an exclusive and dedicated photoshoot moment.

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