How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress

January 25, 2024
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Perfect Wedding Dress Style for amazing Wedding Pictures

Now that the engagement ring has found its place on your finger, your mind is probably occupied with one thing – finding the perfect wedding dress. Although you probably have a general idea of what your bridal gown should look like, finding the ideal one can be overwhelming. After all, this will be the outfit that will make you shine on the most significant day in your life. Therefore, you must pay special attention to many details before deciding on the one.

To help your choice, we have come up with the ultimate wedding dress guide that all the fabulous future brides will find handy. Once you set the date, book the venue, and decide on the right décor, it’s time to decide on the bridal look that will make you look dazzling! Look at our 2024 Dream Wedding ideas as well to get some inspiration

Find the style that is right for you

First, you need to decide on the dress style you have always dreamt about. Consider your size and body type to find the design that suits you best. Moreover, don’t forget about your personality – you should still feel like yourself on your special day, only better! We have the wedding photography and videography picture ideas for you curated here

  • Traditional: This is the classic Cinderella gown that probably all of you have considered wearing ever since you were five years old. We are talking about a tight dress around your upper body and falls down to a voluminous skirt. 
  • Beachy and casual: This style is often made of lace or chiffon that flows loosely from the waist down. If you want to go for an effortlessly elegant look, this is the way to go. The beach dress is highly adaptable to work with every body type. You can add loose sleeves to cover up your arms or combine them with a deep V-neck to show off your cleavage.
  • Simple and modern: For all of you brides-to-be who strive towards the clean-cut effect without all the glitzy sequin or delicate lace, this is for you. This style usually revolves around one type of material like silk, sateen, or crepe. These materials hug your body or fall freely to the floor, accentuating your figure.
  • Glamorous: Want to look like a goddess on your special day? Or, perhaps, be covered in handmade lace, radiant sequins, or embroidered pearls? The glamorous style is for women who don’t quite agree with the ‘less is more’ trend and want to go all in with their bridal outfits.
  • Unordinary: The style is for all brides who aspire to walk down the aisle wearing something one-of-a-kind. The choice is endless – from mini dresses and jumpsuits to classic suits and top-and-skirt combinations, there is a little something for every size and body type.

Choose the silhouette that fits your body 

After finding the style that looks best on your body type and character, next in this wedding dress guide is selecting the proper silhouette. Making the right choice will help you accent the best parts of your body and cover up your insecurities. Let’s explore your options:

  • Ball gown: It is a corset dress that accentuates your waist and expands into a lavish and bouncy skirt with numerous layers. Brides who want extra volume can add a hoop dress underneath and feel like true princesses on their special day. This look is ideal for women who feel confident about their upper body but want to disguise their hips or thighs.
  • A-line: This silhouette is a phenomenal way to avoid the millions of layers but still preserve the ball gown effect. The volume of the A-line dress gradually extends when going downwards, just like the form of the capital letter A. This option favors women with larger busts or apple body shapes – the voluminous end of the dress will provide the needed balance.
  • Mermaid: This is your go-to look if you have an hourglass figure and are unafraid to show it. The mermaid gown will enfold your body, highlighting all its good features and the perfect balance between your bust and hips. It keeps narrowing down to your knees, where it expands down into the shape of a fishtail.
  • Sheath: Brides who have set their hearts on the simple and modern style might find this type of dress ideal. It falls straight down, giving focus to height, no matter if you want to put it in the spotlight or make an illusion of it.
  • Jumpsuit: If you want to ditch the cliche, classic dresses and wear something unique, we highly recommend you consider wearing a jumpsuit. It will look just as elegant and gorgeous as the dress option while embodying a touch of distinctiveness. On the plus side, it will give you much more comfort so you can move smoothly on the dance floor all night.
  • Two-piece: This is yet another way to escape the already-seen bridal look! Pair up two separate pieces of clothing to achieve a unique appearance. Use a silk top and feathery mini skirt to reveal your playful side or a classic white suit that never goes out of style. Proudly show your toned abs in a two-piece bridal outfit by combining a lacy crop top and high-waisted palazzo pants, or be a romantic bride in an off-the-shoulder top and a long, flowy skirt. The options are truly endless!

Add the length you desire

One of the most important things to learn from this wedding dress guide is not to follow the rule of one-size-fits-all- lengthwise. Not all bridal outfits have to touch the floor. Here is all you need to know about finding the optimal length of the dress:

  • Mini: Don’t be afraid to show your legs and celebrate your marriage in a mini dress, especially if you opt for a cocktail party. Although the mini bridal dress is not suitable for a classic, elegant reception, it can come in pretty handy for the after-party, so leave this option open if you plan on changing dresses.
  • Midi or tea length: If you want to evoke some Audry Hepburn vibes and you fancy the retro feminine style, you will find the tea length ideal. This type of dress is usually A-line, accentuates your waistline, and falls in voluminous layers under your knee but above your ankles.
  • Floor length: This is the standard dress length that should minimally tap the floor. Be sure to bring your shoes with you on the last fitting appointment to avoid ending up with an overlong gown. Nothing is worse than dragging your gown the entire night to keep off the possibility of tripping.
  • High-low: Mix and match the midi and floor-length styles to create the most unique bridal look. Keep the front hemline below the knees, showing off your lovely shoes, while letting the back of the dress trail down to reach the floor. It will provide comfort and ease without the need to lift the dress at every move. At the same time, it will help you maintain an elegant look.

Pick the type of sleeve that flatters the dress style

Another very important part of our wedding dress guide is picking the right sleeve type. It should be something that flatters your silhouette, as well as the gown. These are your options:

  • Off-the-shoulder: Reach a dreamy and romantic bridal look by emphasizing your beautiful shoulders, neck, and cleavage. If you fancy a glamorous appearance, feel free to volumize the sleeves or keep it sleek and simple for a grace beyond compare.
  • Short sleeves: This is a fantastic solution for all those brides-to-be who want to cover their upper arms. You can combine the dress with a flutter sleeve that flows loosely around your arm, or puff it up and display a more eccentric vibe. Even if you feel confident about your arms but still want to keep the short sleeve on, select the cap sleeve option for a modern bridal look.
  • Long sleeves: Cover your arms from shoulder to wrist in lavish fabrics to simulate elongation. Choose the wedding dress type that is gathered at the shoulder, widens loosely down the arm, and tightens again at the wrist. If you strive towards the boho vibe, you can settle on the bell type tight around the upper arm and flares from the elbows down. You can always choose a tight long sleeve that hugs your skin to show your arms proudly.

The right neckline crowns the dress

There are still a few things you should learn about how to pick a wedding dress. Namely, you should decide on a neckline that highlights your best features, complements your body type, and feels comfortable. Find the one that is right for you.

  • Strapless: Bare your arms and cleavage and opt for a corset dress with no straps. Choose between the sweetheart neckline that slightly plunges down the bust or the straight option without the plunge – both excellent ways to put your decolletage in the spotlight. This look works for brides with smaller busts, as the corset pushes everything up. 
  • V-neck: The braver brides who know how to pick a wedding dress and rock the V-neck have the option of wearing a thin spaghetti strap dress that corresponds to the casual, beachy bridal look. This is especially suitable if you have set your heart on the sheath silky slip dress or the classic and graceful lace gown. Go bold and dip down the opening into a plunging neckline, showing much more skin and creating a look that elongates your torso.
  • One-shoulder: Knock off your bridal look by wearing a one-shoulder dress that will turn you into a goddess. You can play with fabrics to elevate the ensemble and rock the asymmetric neckline by portraying your unique elegance and individuality.
  • Halter: Brides who want to show their fashionable side should go with the halter neckline that accentuates their shoulders and adds some coverage around the bust. This look coincides with brides with the inverted triangle body shape. You can balance the covered front part of your dress with a full, open back. This will look stunning with an over-the-shoulder pose during the photoshoot.

Extra tips for an extra bridal look

Here are some things to have in mind when choosing the perfect wedding dress that will help you make up your mind when feeling indecisive.

  • Mind the season – choose a wedding dress made from heavier fabrics and designs that cover more skin if you are having a winter wonderland celebration, and consider more lightweight materials for a summer beach affair.
  • Harmonize with the location – look for more traditional and glamorous dresses with A-line or mermaid silhouettes if you booked a ballroom to celebrate your marriage. On the other hand, go with the lacy off-the-shoulder sheath dress if you are having a barn reception.
  • Comfort is very important – make all necessary alterations before walking down the aisle to ensure you feel comfortable in it. After all, we are sure you don’t want to ruin the most precious event of your life with a garment that you can’t wait to get out of.
  • Set a price range – it’s best if you have the hard numbers to your designated budget before going to bridal salons. Moreover, we highly advise against trying exclusive gowns that are out of reach budget-wise.
  • Find the proper accessories and hairstyle – these should also match the whole ensemble and upgrade your bridal look rather than destroy it completely. Select striking accessories if you wear a simple, clean-cut gown, and gather your hair in an updo to showcase the beauty of the halter neckline.
  • Take photos – before purchasing your dream gown, strike a few poses to check if it looks flawless from all angles.
  • Bring your entourage – Ask your besties to accompany you in the pursuit of the perfect wedding dress. You will need an honest opinion if you find yourself in two minds.
  • Balance resoluteness and openness – Do your research first and have a clear goal of what you quest for. At the same time, try to keep an open mind and be flexible in your choices. You never know; your dream outfit might be hiding in the most unexpected places!

Make the most of our ultimate wedding dress guide and take pleasure in the process

Choosing the perfect bridal outfit hunt can sometimes seem like a real nightmare. Luckily, for your sake and convenience, we have gathered all the information and created this comprehensive, all-inclusive wedding dress guide that will make you take the utmost delight every step of the way.

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