Biggest Wedding Etiquette Mistakes - How To Avoid Them

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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How To Avoid Wedding Etiquette Mistakes

When planning the big day, all couples are in for a beautiful but wild ride. The whole organization offers endless choices and decisions that have to fit perfectly into the right place. Think of wedding planning as standing at the helm of a large orchestra, and your task is to fine-tune every element down to the last instrument flawlessly. If you keep hearing that squeaky noise, you know something obstructs the process.

Losing sight of the tiniest detail is easy, but don't let this steer you off course. Planning a wedding is a huge task, but you should follow some common rules. Understanding the common wedding etiquette mistakes (and avoiding them!) are bound to contribute to a harmonious and memorable celebration. 

To avoid accidentally tripping over the etiquette hurdles, grab a seat, and let's chat about how you can sidestep them. 

Not Setting or Going Over the Budget

Let's start with wedding budgets – they exist for a reason. We've seen couples get nitty-gritty about details and forget to step back and look at the big picture. Before you start planning your wedding, we recommend discussing the budget with those who are helping pay for it. 

Budgets get easily blown out of proportion, and not everyone can afford or be comfortable with this. Decide collectively how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it. We recommend you plan your budget down to the finest detail because fine print matters the most. 

To help you understand, imagine you are going on the trip of a lifetime. You decide whether to follow the speed limit and stay on course, resulting in a stress-free voyage and a wonderful time. The alternative is hitting the gas, using detours, and risking crashing or getting a fine. Think of the budget as your personal chauffeur that exists to bring you safely to your destination, making the journey smooth and avoiding any unexpected financial potholes. 

To further prevent making this common wedding mistake, you can always revise the budget as you move forward with the planning and reallocate the money but always try sticking to the original plan.

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Not Choosing the Right Venue

Selecting the right venue for your wedding is like picking your life partner. It has to tick all the right boxes for it to be perfect. Many couples make the mistake of choosing a venue in the spur of the moment. But choosing the right one is more than just the location. It's about size, guest count, style, settings, decor pieces, and so much more. 

A common wedding etiquette mistake couples make is choosing a venue that is either too small or too big to accommodate their guests. That said, decide on an event space with just the right size and design, and within budget. Couples often plan the per-head price of the venue packages, forgetting about extras like decorations and entertainment.

At the same time, don't try to turn the venue into something it's not. A farmhouse is, well, just that - a farmhouse meant for rustic weddings. Don't expect to turn it into a polished and modern space because it won’t do you much good. Instead, utilize the space you’re given, and add your own personal flair to it!

Don't Let Trendy Elements Take Over Your Celebration

There isn't a bride who doesn't want to include a trendy detail in her wedding. And that's fine, as long as you don't go overboard. When choosing trendy elements, fast forward to the future when you'll be looking at your wedding photos. Nobody wants to say, "What was I thinking!" 

If you really want a trendy detail, ask a professional wedding planner to help you find a way to incorporate it into the design. They have the experience and know exactly what needs to be done.

No Backup Plan

We all know that sometimes things don't turn out as planned, especially when Mother Nature has something to do with it. For that reason, having a backup plan is compulsory if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Relying on your gut instinct and the local weatherman's predictions is not recommended. Always have a backup plan in the form of a tent or indoor space in case of an unforeseen storm.  

This Is Not a One-person Show

Celebrations of love are not a one-person show. The easiest wedding mishap couples make is thinking they can do it all themselves. Don't get us wrong, we do not doubt your planning skills, but sometimes we need to let go and delegate. Yes, it can be hard, especially if you like to have control over things, but some things are best done by professionals. 

This is why we advise you to choose vendors that you can trust to do the job right. Never be afraid to ask for help from friends and family – they will gladly help you. 

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Respect Your Vendors

Don't set unrealistic expectations for your vendors. They are the team that will make all your visions come to life, but remember that they are only humans. Be upfront and open about what you expect and how much you are willing to pay for that service

Every vendor appreciates open communication with the couple to understand their wants and needs. To avoid this wedding etiquette mistake, always rely on professionalism and trust. And remember, a smile and a little kindness can go a long way. 

And don't forget to plan a meal for everyone working during the reception – your wedding planner, DJ, band, photographer, and videographer. 

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Respect the Timeline

Tardiness is by no means accepted in proper wedding etiquette. You may be the star of this show, but that doesn't mean having poor manners. Don't disrespect your guests by making them wait too long for your entrance. Creating and following a perfect timeline will also make your vendors' jobs much easier.

If there is a big gap between the ceremony and the reception, find a way to keep your guests entertained. Open the bar and pass around appetizers if they are at the same place. If the ceremony is in a different location, minimize the in-between time. 

Not to mention that the same goes for the guests. We've all seen them be late and not respect the start time provided on the wedding invitation. We advise you to come a few minutes early and avoid stressing the couple while they wait for you. 

Don't Take Other People's Opinions Personally

Now, we all know that people like to get into other people's business. When planning your wedding, you'll realize everyone has ideas on what you should include. Your father is leaning more towards steaks than hors d'oeuvres. The future mother-in-law likes a specific theme completely different from what you had in mind. 

Put a stop to it immediately. You and your partner decide, so don't be afraid to stand up and defend your choices. Let them speak their mind, but don't let that influence your decision. At the end of the day, you can never please everyone.

Don't Set High Expectations For Yourself

There isn't a bride who doesn't want to look her best when walking down the aisle. This is why many brides decide to make drastic changes like going on strict diets or changing their looks. Adopting better eating habits is fine, but don't go overboard with abstaining from eating a month before your wedding. Talk to a nutritionist to create a well-balanced meal plan well in advance and set a fitness regime. 

Do you think you'll be rocking your wedding look by trying something you've never done before? Well, you might be wrong. One of the most common wedding mistakes is brides striving for uniqueness in a very risky way - specifically, by trying out something completely out of the ordinary. That said, you don't have to start experimenting with new looks on your wedding day. Wear your hair and makeup how you want – how you feel prettiest and most comfortable.

And remember to eat and keep hydrated during the day. Of course, all brides are too excited to eat, but you have to grab a bit or two. So schedule one moment in your wedding where you and your partner can grab a bite. 

Life > Wedding

Wedding planning can be extremely fun but can also be the most emotionally and physically draining period. Yes, it's the most important day of your life, but remember: it's just one day. There are plenty of others before and after it. 

That's why we suggest you find the right balance. After all, this is an exciting time that is basically the beginning of a new chapter in your life. 

We've seen couples walk all over each other's nerves while trying to plan their wedding. We always advise them that this is the person they've chosen to spend the rest of their life with. Is it worth fighting over a small hurdle? No! 

So avoid losing yourselves in the wedding planning maze. It’s a day for you two, tailored to show your love. Why not take the time to go out with your friends, take a short romantic trip over the weekend, and take some time for self-care? 

Not Greeting Everyone

With new generations and trends emerging daily, the post-ceremony receiving line is becoming a thing of the past. Inviting someone to your wedding and not greeting them is considered rude, so there are ways to simplify this. Couples nowadays like to circulate among the tables, greet each guest personally, or personally hand in favors, thus completely avoiding making a wedding etiquette mistake. 

The Day Is Not Just About You

Yes, this is your biggest day, but remember that if there are no guests, there is no one you can celebrate with. You'll most likely have guests coming from different destinations, so be considerate and make them feel welcome and comfortable. Try to provide transportation and organize snacks and drinks in their hotel rooms. 

Share the news of your wedding date well in advance with your long-distance family and friends. This will give them enough time to organize and prepare for your big day. 

Not Sending Thank-you Notes on Time

Thanking guests for being part of your celebration is a must in proper wedding etiquette. Without them, you wouldn't have had a celebration to begin with, so don't wait a whole year to mail the thank-you notes. Trust us, it gets harder to write them, not easier. 

Be organized and keep a detailed list of who sent what. Getting it done within a week or two after receiving the gift is the best timing, but be sure to note that the task is done on your list. 

Eloping Also Needs Planning

Do you think eloping requires no planning? Wrong! If you and your partner have chosen a destination you've fallen in love with and wish to elope, some preparations are required. Check what legal paperwork you need to complete to be legally married. If you don't do your homework, you'll find out the hard way that countries may have residency requirements. And another thing – you will need an officiant and witnesses. 

Disliking the fuss over a classic wedding doesn't mean playing down your elopement. You're still a bride. Find that special dress and pick a bouquet of your favorite flowers. To celebrate, organize a small romantic dinner for the two of you. Many couples regret having disregarded the importance of their wedding day years later. 

Bottom Line

Weddings don't always go 100% as planned, so there is no need to worry about small mishaps. Always look at the bigger picture and avoid overlooking the fine print. And don't be afraid to ask for help from close ones. Find the right vendors to help make your dreams come true, and treat them respectfully without setting unrealistic expectations. 

Couples tend to forget that their wedding day is just that – a day in their lives. Don't let the stress surrounding that day ruin everything you have built together as a couple. 

So, the bottom line is – have fun, and don't forget why you're doing all this. Why organize a celebration at all if you will not enjoy it? Ease into the process, let loose, and avoid the aforementioned wedding etiquette mistakes. You’ll be in for an experience of a lifetime!

If you’re curious about the world of weddings, read the rest of our blogs! Finally, if you need someone to capture your precious memories, schedule a free consultation!