Foolproof Wedding Photography Poses

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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Ideas for Wedding Photography Poses

Getting ready for your wedding means thinking and planning about many things, including photography. Every couple dreams of having the perfect dreamy memories of their special day, so deciding on your wedding photography poses in advance is essential. If you do a little bit of research, you will see that the internet is full of wedding photography ideas that can lead you to miraculous photos and pictures. 

However, if you start looking for poses for wedding photos, you will see that you have an abundance of options, making your decision much more challenging in the long run. That is why we have created a guide that you can use for inspiration. You will now look into the most stunning poses and decide what suits your style best. Not only will you save time this way, but you will also get inspired to pick the most striking locations for your photo shoot. 

10 Bridal Photography Poses for Exceptional Framed Memories

We have selected the most glorious wedding photography poses proven to work in different surroundings and in various conditions. Moreover, they can serve as your inspiration in the creation of your Pinterest Moodboards. You will be able to pick your style and lead your whole dream wedding planning in the same direction. There is nothing more amazing than a wedding that is in complete sync. 

The “Dip” - A Must-Have for Every Bridal Album

Opt for the classic dip if you’re wondering how to pose for your wedding photos. The pose gives exceptional effects and genuinely portrays the bridal romance. You should definitely not miss the opportunity to have an iconic memory of your celebration. Every wedding album needs a “wow” picture, and this pose can certainly give you that!

However, the success of this pose depends on how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Some couples avoid it because they do not think they can get the pose naturally. But there are things you can do to relax and work with your photographer more comfortably. For instance, you can begin posing with a slow dance and then get in position. This way, the pose comes naturally rather than staged. Another thing you can do is bend only slightly so the photo does not turn out like you are trying too much. 

Whether you choose to try these alternatives or experiment on your own, do not miss out on a chance to at least try it. The “dip” can do wonders for your memories and get you your winning wedding photo! 

Covering The Groom’s Eyes 

This is one of the traditional poses in wedding photography. Even though it is a pose tried by many couples and probably considered a classic in the world of bridal photographs, that does not mean your idea will not be original. You can still get amazing and authentic outcomes, and it can give you a good story if this is how you start your photo session.

Moreover, it gives a good traditional note on your whole photoshoot. We all know the groom is supposed to see the bride when she walks down the aisle. So, this is a good way to add a little bit of tradition while keeping it creative and fun. And all the other photographs that will follow after that will have a good flow. Once you have your wedding album, you can look through a story rather than just pictures representing your celebration. 

Kiss Interrupted by A Smile 

One of the most romantic wedding photography poses is the smiling kiss. Nothing is more sensual than the look between the couple about to kiss and then smile. It gives the notion that they cannot hold their grins because they are overflown with happiness. This is the best type of photo you can have in your bridal collection when it comes to kisses. 

The smiling kiss is one of the greatest poses that depict the genuine feelings between the newlyweds. We love it because it allows couples to depict how they feel about each other truthfully and have it as a lifelong testament to their newly started life together.  

The Walk

When you want spontaneous wedding photos, “the walk” is the best chance. If you strive for natural photographs telling your love story, walking spontaneously will bring you the most relaxed vibes. 

This wedding photography pose can be performed anywhere. Whether you strive for a walk on the street for a more urban effect or on the beach for a natural one, you can be sure that you will end up with some amazing pictures. In other words, whatever setting you choose will work well with the walk. So, if spontaneity and a relaxed vibe are your desired features in your wedding photography, go for this pose! 

A Shot with The Train 

If you’re striving for elegance, you have to spotlight your bridal gown, or more precisely - the train of your dress. This is a way to achieve those fairytale-like photographs that make great covers of wedding albums. The pose with the bridal train in the focus will show the tone of the wedding and give you the surreal pictures you desire. 

If your bridal gown includes a long train, then you should definitely consider including this pose for your wedding photos. You can get a breathtaking shot with your partner and add some elegance to your wedding album. Generally, the best way to ensure you have the best pose is to use a staircase for this picture. This will give you some certainty that your train will be clearly visible, and you will achieve the perfect angle for your photos. 

Dramatic Effect from a Wide Angle 

To add some drama to your bridal album, you should consider some shots taken from a wide angle. However, you should know that these photos are best taken in a forest, desert, or a field. In other words, you will get the best effects if you choose a natural location. Lush surroundings usually come with the greatest features, which are perfect for wide-angle photography. 

If you decide to use these poses and angles in your photos, choose a spectacular location with scenic views. This way, you will certainly get the dramatic effect you try to achieve and end up with a picture like the one from the magazines. These wedding photos look awesome when the couples look deeply into their eyes when posing. That is how you end up with a meaningful photograph that perfectly complements your entire wedding photo album. 

The Spin 

Your bridal photo album would not be complete without a famous “spin” in it. Noted as one of the best poses for wedding photography, it includes the groom holding the bride’s hand while she spins. It will add magical effects to the photos and bring you those romantic features you usually see in wedding photography. The pictures can be especially fascinating if your bridal attire includes a princess gown. The spin will ensure your dress looks marvelous and dreamy. 

The First Look 

If you decide to have a first look at your celebration, then do not miss out on the chance to capture these moments properly. Every couple who decides to include the magical first-look part in their wedding gets the most awesome memories of it. The reason why this wedding photography pose is commonly chosen by newlyweds is because it produces the most candid photographs. When the groom sees the bride for the first time, the look on his face is priceless. 

To make sure that your first look turns out magically, you might want to do this pose without any spectators. Opt for a moment that will be only for you and your loved one because that way, you will avoid the anxiety you might feel if you do this in front of many people. You will feel more relaxed, and your photographs will look amazing. Plus, it will be your own private moment before the ceremony, which you can use before saying “I do” in front of many people.

The Side Arm Hug 

To include more romantic shots in your wedding album, you should consider the “side arm hug” as your romantic wedding photography pose. The bride hugging the groom on the side provides really gentle effects. Plus, if you take the photo in a scenic location, you can expect really spectacular outcomes. 

If you decide to use this pose, consider how it should be conducted. Generally, a bride's hand is close to the groom's, and she wraps her arm around his arm. Her free hand then grabs ahold of the same arm or holds his hand. It may sound complicated, but the pose will come naturally to you when you try it. 

The Kiss 

Your wedding album should absolutely contain a photograph with the ultimate kiss. Kissing photos are generally the most romantic and sensual ones, so they are considered a must for every couple. Many couples feel uncomfortable during this pose, so if you feel the same way, know you are not the only one. 

Remember that you are doing this for your memories, and you want them to be spectacular. So, try to relax when taking these photos, and keep in mind that it is only the two of you. Your photographer is a professional with experience in these things, meaning they will not judge your kiss or something similar. 

Which Poses Should You Avoid in Your Wedding Photo Session? 

Some wedding photography poses simply do not work as you expect. They might seem amazing when you imagine them in your head, but the results may not be on par with your vision. Even if you have seen some examples, they were probably expert editorials that work only with professional models. Therefore, keep that in mind when you prepare yourself for the bridal photo shoot. 

We have selected some poses that we believe will not work for you for the photographs in your wedding album. 

  • Fast-moving poses: Try to avoid poses that involve a lot of quick movements. For instance, if you are doing the famous ‘spin’ with your groom, do not do it in a fast manner. Take your time and do it elegantly. Otherwise, you will end up with blurry photos that your photographer cannot edit. 
  • Overly staged poses: Many couples tend to practice their smiles and movements before the big day comes. While practicing is okay, overdoing it is not. Too much practice leads to unnatural, staged poses, and your photographs cannot hide that. You do not want your photos to be unrealistic. 
  • Poses that involve kissing with open eyes: It is barely natural to kiss with open eyes, but many couples are nervously adopting this style on the day of a celebration. Your photographer will probably suggest some alternatives, but remember that kissing with open eyes will lead to unnatural photos. 

Tips for Posing Naturally for Your Wedding Photographs

To achieve the best possible results in your wedding photos, you might need some tips to prepare properly. So, we have included something you can find helpful, and do your best to get the photographs you desire. Creating memories requires a little bit of work. 

  • Don’t stop moving naturally: When you pose in front of your photographer, they will probably ask you to move slowly. However, couples tend to stop the movement because they think they have done enough. You should not stop until your photographer tells you so because, during these spontaneous moments, you can achieve the best results. You might not be aware of this, but your photographer is.
  • Keep your arms and hands relaxed: If your arms and hands are tense, that will be seen in your photographs. Try to relax yourself as well as your body parts. That is how you get natural shots. 
  • Communicate with your photographer: Maybe the most important tip is to keep open communication with your photographer. The person taking your pictures should know your preferences and feelings. Otherwise, do not expect to accomplish anything because there will be a lot of misunderstandings. 

We hope that you will find our suggestions for wedding photography poses helpful. Preparing for your big day takes a lot of work, but you should also have fun doing it. Using the right methods when it comes to wedding photography is essential to achieve great results and unforgettable memories. So, look into our poses and find the one that suits your style and preferences. Then, wait for the miraculous result!

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