25 Ways You Can Save Money For Your Wedding

January 25, 2024
Wedding Tips & Ideas
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25 Wedding Money Saving Tips

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment of the newly engaged period, dreaming of a picture-perfect union and fishing for attire and decor ideas across all social media platforms. But sooner or later, you will get out of this blissful bubble and face the cruel reality of how much a wedding actually costs. To help you cut down unnecessary costs, we are here to share the best tips and tricks on how to save money on your wedding without having to give up on your dreams. 

With the right amount of organization, originality, imagination, and creativity, you will have the opportunity to celebrate your lovely event just like you’ve always imagined it. So, here are our experts’ keys and formulas to a cost-effective but awe-inspiring celebration. Simple, special, and savvy!

How to save money on your wedding
Set a strict budget

When it comes to the best wedding on a budget tips, one thing is certain- you must set a strict budget you are willing (and are able) to spend. Calculate your earnings and savings to see how far you can go to make your dream a reality. Sort out the priorities and decide which areas you are ready to wiggle as long as you don’t exceed the budget.

Cut down the guest list

This is one of the initial steps of the planning process - you need to know the right number of invitees so you can start the venue hunt. The first wedding on a budget tip is to try to keep that number as low as possible. Start by creating a guest list with all the people you would like to invite, and then ask yourselves: Are you still in touch with your schoolmates? Will your colleagues gladly take part in your event? Is it possible to omit those distant out-of-town relatives? Now reread your guest list, cross out the ones you haven’t spoken to in the last year or so, and keep only the ones who truly matter to you and your spouse. 

Organizing an intimate affair — a very fashionable option nowadays — is a great way of celebrating love in style without your pockets suffering excessively. The right formula on how to save money for your wedding is fewer guests equals fewer costs!

Get married during the low season

Setting an off-season date is the ultimate trick to lower the figures of your wedding budget. If you aren’t afraid of the cold and always dreamed of having a snowful celebration or a rustic barn bash, picking a date between October and February will be your best option. 

During these months, many services can be somewhat cheaper due to the low demand for celebrations. The low season is full of advantages since it is much easier to find the desired date, exclusive offers and packages, and reasonable prices for absolutely everything from venues to décor. Hosting a winter budget-friendly wedding will not only be an excellent way to save money on your wedding but also make your reception memorable and unique!

Steer clear of Fridays and Saturdays 

Something similar happens with the days of the week — Thursdays and Sundays are generally cheaper to tie the knot. Usually, the locations and services related to marriage affairs cost much more on weekends and from May to September. You'll be surprised to know that by choosing a date outside of peak season and during the week, you could cut as much as half of your rental or catering budget.

Choose a non-traditional venue 

Strategically picking a venue is one of the best ways to save on a wedding. In fact, it is much easier than you think! If you are wondering why these lavish locales are so expensive and think it’s because they’re exceptional, you are wrong. Sometimes, the most remarkable and charming places are the most affordable ones.

Therefore, we encourage you to swap extravagant ballrooms with some unordinary venues like museums, parks, or even backyards or bars that will be romantic, creative, and budget-conscious. Choosing an impactful and non-traditional location will not only surprise the guests but also carry a deeper meaning. Think about the place where you first met, shared a first kiss, or went out on a first date. On a paradisiacal beach, in a historic library, in the middle of dreamy gardens, or in a vineyard... The place where you pronounce your most important "I do" has to be dreamlike and unique rather than expensive and extravagant. 

Take advantage of the venue’s resources

When you want to save money on a wedding but still book a classic venue, such as a hotel or a restaurant, exploit all of its resources. We are talking about tables, chairs, linens, and dishware – items you will probably have to rent in case you decide to have a backyard event. Always check what’s included in the venue rental fee, as some might even offer decor or lighting services. In this case, you will save hundreds of dollars as you won’t have to search for a rental service.

Set the ceremony and reception at the same spot

Instead of appointing two different locations for your ceremony and reception, settle on one where you can say your vows and party. By merging both affairs into one place, you will get to save on transportation costs, plus avoid booking double decor or furniture. You can simply repurpose the flower arrangements placed on the aisle and use them as table centerpieces. Or, perhaps you can use the same chairs for both the ceremony and the reception. Isn’t this one of the best wedding saving tips you have discovered?

Book your chosen photographer early

Some photographers might offer you a discount if you book early. Therefore, make sure you start searching for one right after you have set the date and booked the venue. Moreover, by booking your chosen photographer early, you will have a higher chance of finding them available and getting high-quality photos for a much more reasonable price.

At Sidpix, we offer up to 25% OFF when you book online and early.

Do your own invitations

Why waste money on fancy invite cards when you can hand-make them using recycled paper, ribbons, and other craft materials? It’s one of the great ways to save on a wedding while giving a personal touch to it.

Send invitations online

Another way to invite your guests to your celebration is to go digital. You can find countless online designer sites that provide templates for digital invitations. We are confident you will find your desired card look and keep that invitation money right in your pocket.

Let your attire be ‘something borrowed’

When it comes to the bride’s look, one of the tips to save money on the wedding is to wear a vintage dress worn by your mother or grandmother. Of course, you can make a few adjustments to fit perfectly. Not only will you look beautiful, but you will also wear something meaningful and touching. The savvy part is only a plus.

Consider renting your dress

Dare to rent your bridal dress! Bridal attire is among the most expensive items and takes a large part of the planned budget. You can cut those expenses by half or more if you just go to a rental boutique and find the perfect design. There are also rental stores for men offering models for all sizes, tastes, silhouettes, and styles.

Buy a sample bridal gown

Find the stores that sell sample gowns and head toward them to locate your ideal bridal outfit. These types of dresses might usually be slightly worn out, but there are also high chances for you to find exactly what you are looking for at half the price. Also, buying a second-hand model or a designer dress from a previous season will slash the cost of the bridal outfit. Another alternative is to look for special sales and discount offers.

Groom’s attire is also an important part of wedding saving tips list, as they have the same diversity of opportunities. The best recommendation we have for the groom is to visit the suit outlets, where great items such as shirts, ties, or belts can be found at quite reasonable prices.

Book a DJ

Your big day’s expenses will significantly drop if you replace the live band with a DJ. You can dance the night away with everyone’s favorite retro hits from the 80s that are still fashionable today. If the party is off-season, it will be even possible to negotiate a better price and more services such as lighting and disco balls for the dance floor. 

Find alternatives for the classic menus

To lower the reception costs, the key trick is to alternate the standard menu by including homemade, local, or traditional food, giving it a gourmet twist or just an offbeat one. Ditch the classic table service and offer a variety of buffets. Open your minds to build your own salad stations, pasta bars, charcuterie boards, tap trucks, and candy bars. If you have chosen an informal celebration, you could decide on a mixed reception formula: a welcome aperitif followed by a buffet lunch or dinner, which will certainly fill everyone’s bellies without emptying your pockets.

Replace the bridal cake with other sweets

Do things your way and toss out the boring, familiar cake that will cost you a fortune. Introduce the new and improved practice of serving dessert to your guests by offering different kinds of sugary treats like brownies, cookies, or chocolate strawberries. The choice of candy-coated substitutes for the classic three-tiers is limitless and colorful. Make a glazed doughnut wall, a flashy cupcake tower, or a pastel macaron stack that your dearly beloved will savor.

If you are into Cakes, look at our in budget cake ideas here.

Leave out the bubbly

Trust us when we say this- you don’t need a glass of champagne to toast your love and union! Skip the bubbly drink and let everyone have what they want to drink, or settle for more affordable liquor like Prosecco or sparkling wine. This is one of the best tips for a wedding on a budget you will find incredibly useful.

Choose seasonal flower 

Flowers have always been an essential item in the bridal bouquet and the decoration, so you must choose wisely- especially if you are planning to save some bucks for your special day. We advise always going for seasonal flowers or simpler varieties that bloom year-round. This way, you will be able to save as much as possible on floral decorations for the table centerpieces, the arch, and the bridal bouquet. In addition to being cheaper, it will allow you to use a greater quantity without overspending.

Make the decorations yourself

Budget-friendly weddings are all about DIY. Use wooden boards and paint to make one-of-a-kind wedding stationery pieces — you can do everything from welcome signage to table numbers. Another DIY décor idea is to use your Christmas lights as string lights. They will work like magic!

Moreover, you can also opt for lanterns and small vases for flowers as centerpieces to add a touch of simplicity. And don’t forget the old mason jars to serve you as candle holders and scatter them around the tables to spread a romantic atmosphere in the air. Regarding decor ideas on a budget, you should buy small and create big.


Eliminate unnecessary stationery

You don’t need to include every single stationery item, trust us! It is a lot of paper that does look fancy. Even though some guests might keep it as memorabilia, most items usually end up in the trash. That means you are literally throwing out cash instead of saving it. We recommend keeping only the pieces that truly matter and giving important information like the invitation, guest book, escort board, and table numbers.

Include antiques in the decor

For a shabby chic or vintage-style reception, have fun while finding objects and accessories at flea markets or in your grandma's attic. We bet you can find some pretty cool stuff that you can include in the décor for free.

Save on favors

You don’t have to splurge – give your guests a simple but meaningful ‘thank-you’ gift. These nice details that your dear ones will take home are symbols of gratitude that must not be omitted. Some time and a little effort are all you need to create small special gifts for your guests to say ‘thank you for being part of the most important day in our lives’. Give small potted plants, handmade soaps, and personalized sweet treats, or write love notes and pack them as messages in a bottle.

Take advantage of photography package deals

Some photographers offer better prices if you book the whole package, making this one of the best alternatives to save money on your wedding. You can benefit if you book the combo packs that include both photography and videography and get media from your engagement session, bridal session, and special day, as well.

Hire a local photographer

The typical photographer's cost also depends on the place where you celebrate your marriage. You have to take into account that you will have to pay for the travel expenses of the photographers you hire. The further away the photo experts’ headquarters are, the more the final price will rise. Therefore, the way to save on photography expenses is to hire someone local.

With Sidpix you don't have to worry about that. Wherever you are, we will be there to capture your big day.

Delegate tasks to your friends

There is no reason to rely on expensive services like music, decoration, or makeup. The ultimate tip on how to save money for your wedding is to make a list of people who will take that role. Everybody has that friend who is super creative and has great taste, so you can assign them to do the décor. Why not let your bestie, who is so good at doing make-up, do your bridal look? If she could do that before every night out, why not do it now? Entitle another friend to take care of music, creating a playlist with all of your favorite hits. And if you have a pal who is good in the kitchen, entrust them with the cake.

Have a fabulous celebration without going broke 

After deciding what matters and finding the perfect ways to save money for your wedding, it’s time to get down to business and organize your dream celebration without emptying your bank account.

If you still haven't found your photographer and videographer for the big event, go ahead and set an appointment or simply discover our packages. Don’t hesitate to explore our blogs for more inspirational content that might be useful.